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47 Tips to Keep You Away from My ER

Recently, we published a piece by Dr. Rada Jones on the 68 Laws of the ER. She returns now for prescient and timely advice to patients on how to stay out of the ER. The best way to do her post justice is to present it as is without editorial or comment. Enjoy! I’m an...

Doc, How Long Do I Have to Live?

“Doc, how long do I have to live?”When a patient has a difficult diagnosis, they want answers. That’s reasonable. They want to know how to structure the time they have left. Why? Priorities change. They want to get their affairs in order.It’s also a question that...

68 Laws of the ER

Every now and then you read a piece about life in the medical trenches that fully hits the mark. Dr. Rada Jones is an Emergency Physician who did precisely that. She penned the 68 Laws of the ER. The best way for me to do it justice is to present it as is without...