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A “Serial Malpracticer”

I had never heard of the phrase “serial malpracticer.” It seems to apply to Dr. Spyros Panos, an orthopaedic surgeon who surrendered his medical license six years ago. An arbitrator awarded $140 million to resolve 255 medical malpractice lawsuits in New York....

Press Ganey Scores and Unicorns

A unicorn is a mythical creature. It does not exist.  Which brings me to Press Ganey scores.  For those of you entirely immune to the numeric patient satisfaction benchmarks, Press Ganey is eponymous with HCAHPS scores mandated by CMS. HCAHPS was initially rolled...

Why Facebook Advertising Can Be Dangerous for Doctors

Facebook has been with us for fifteen years. In three years, it will old enough to vote. What an invigorating thought.   In those fifteen years, Facebook has distinguished itself as one of the most powerful advertising platforms on the planet. It has also made a name...

Why Do Doctors Take Med-Mal Lawsuits So Personally?

Here’s a question that perplexes many plaintiff’s attorneys. I hear it all the time.   Why do doctors take medical malpractice so personally?   Why do doctors treat medical malpractice differently than being in an auto accident? Shouldn’t we just turn it over to...

47 Tips to Keep You Away from My ER

Recently, we published a piece by Dr. Rada Jones on the 68 Laws of the ER. She returns now for prescient and timely advice to patients on how to stay out of the ER. The best way to do her post justice is to present it as is without editorial or comment. Enjoy! I’m an...

Doc, How Long Do I Have to Live?

“Doc, how long do I have to live?”When a patient has a difficult diagnosis, they want answers. That’s reasonable. They want to know how to structure the time they have left. Why? Priorities change. They want to get their affairs in order.It’s also a question that...