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Healthcare Reform Archive

Florida Takes a Step Backward (Jun. 26th 2017)

Upside-Down World – A Patient Sues You to Keep Taking Care of Them (May. 31st 2017)

Those Damn Jackson-Pratt Drains (Jun. 10th 2016)

Plastic Surgeons as Psychiatrists. (Jun. 3rd 2016)

Simple Procedures: An Occasional Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit (May. 13th 2016)

Credentialing and Answering Touchy Questions (May. 6th 2016)

Suture Around the Ureter. Clip on the Common Bile Duct. Complication or Malpractice? (Apr. 29th 2016)

Doctors Strive to Avoid Being Labeled Outliers – Except When it Comes to Schedule II Drugs (Apr. 22nd 2016)

NC Medical Board Disciplines Doctor for a Lease Dispute. (Apr. 15th 2016)

HIPAA Conundrum. War of the Roses After Death. (Apr. 8th 2016)

Deporting Hospital Patients (Apr. 1st 2016)

Two Counterintuitive HIPAA Scenarios (Mar. 25th 2016)

If You’re Not a Psychiatrist, What Do You Do if Your Patient Threatens Suicide? (Mar. 18th 2016)

David versus Goliath. One Doctor’s Quest for Justice. (Mar. 11th 2016)

Avoiding Liability When Sending Specimens (Mar. 4th 2016)

Why Not Bring The Entire Staff Into the Exam Room for My Prostate Exam? (Feb. 26th 2016)

Which Workplace Bathroom to Use? (Feb. 19th 2016)

Those Pesky Signatures (Jan. 29th 2016)

A Good Samaritan Saves the Day (Jan. 22nd 2016)

What Can Happen When Patient Consent Is Fuzzy? A Bizarre Odyssey… (Jan. 15th 2016)

Is Pimping Really Abusive? (Jan. 8th 2016)

Easy New Year’s Resolutions for Cybersecurity. (Dec. 31st 2015)

Sometimes You Need a Good Laugh (Dec. 25th 2015)

When Seeing Patients, is Three a Crowd? (Dec. 18th 2015)

Some Residents Will Have Longer Shifts (Dec. 11th 2015)

It’s Not Enough to Say “Because I Said So” (Dec. 4th 2015)

Getting Burned By a Patient with a Substance Abuse Problem (Nov. 20th 2015)

Employer Sued for Alleged Discrimination. Employee Fired for Uncontrollable Farting. (Nov. 13th 2015)

One Sentence Can Save You Lots of Time and Prevent Headaches (Oct. 16th 2015)

MOC and Your Web Site. How Can They Even be Remotely Connected? (Oct. 9th 2015)

Notes from a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Dealing with malpractice litigation concerns (Oct. 2nd 2015)

Piling On… (Sep. 4th 2015)

Is ICD-10 a Game Changer? (Aug. 14th 2015)

Finally: An End to Malpractice Litigation? (Jul. 31st 2015)

Dropping the Ball and Getting Away With It. (Jul. 24th 2015)

Do No Harm: Dr. John Marsh’s Excellent Book (Jul. 17th 2015)

Foreign Bodies Left in the Body, Oh My… (Jun. 26th 2015)

Notes From a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Avoiding Liability in Retention of Medical Records (Jun. 19th 2015)

Personality Profile and Specialty Choice (Jun. 12th 2015)

Notes From a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Liability to Those Who Are Not Your Patients (Jun. 5th 2015)

Notes from a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Blowing the Whistle (May. 29th 2015)

Family of Jahi McMath – Declared Brain Dead – Files Lawsuit (May. 22nd 2015)

Can a Board of Medicine Discipline a Doctor for Participating in Worker’s Comp Fraud Investigation? (May. 15th 2015)

Loser Pays in the U.S.? Some States Have It. (May. 7th 2015)

Emotional Distress in Witnessing CPR – A Jury Decides (May. 1st 2015)

A 37 Year Old Neurosurgeon Just Died From Cancer. His Words Are Immortal. (Apr. 24th 2015)

Pioneers Take Arrows. Staying Safe When You Are Leading Innovation. (Apr. 17th 2015)

Are Doctors Responsible or Liable for the Germanwings Crash? (Apr. 9th 2015)

Timing of Pulling the Plug (Mar. 6th 2015)

Nationalizing Expert Review Panels (Feb. 27th 2015)

That’s a Bummer (Feb. 20th 2015)

Notes from a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Medicolegal Issues in Treating Minors – Part 2 (Feb. 13th 2015)

Notes from a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Medicolegal Issues in Treating Minors – Part 1 (Feb. 6th 2015)

Notes From a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Medical Malpractice Versus Criminal Negligence (Jan. 30th 2015)

Notes From a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Avoiding Liability Involving Autopsies (Jan. 23rd 2015)

Notes From a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Legal Issues When Patients Offer You a Gift (Jan. 16th 2015)

Jim Morrison Had a Will When He Died. Do You? (Jan. 9th 2015)

Hepatitis C Drug Pricing – Let the Games Begin (Jan. 9th 2015)

Shotgun Law-Suits: Coming to California in 2015 (Jan. 2nd 2015)

Health Sharing Ministries – An Alternative to Traditional Expensive Health Insurance (Jan. 2nd 2015)

Senator (Dr.) Tom Coburn and Sham “Peer Review” (Dec. 24th 2014)

Can a Wife With Dementia Consent to Sex With Her Husband? (Dec. 19th 2014)

Selective Breeding in Humans – A Slippery Slope? Nah. (Dec. 12th 2014)

Steamed About a $15 Copay For Medication. Try $400,000 For Some Drugs. (Dec. 5th 2014)

Definition of Disability. It Depends What the Meaning Of “Is” Is. (Nov. 28th 2014)

Refusing to Treat Patients – When You Want Distance From a Patient’s Infection, Morality, and Politics – Part 2 (Nov. 21st 2014)

Word to the Wise. Not All Subpoenas to Doctors Are the Same. (Nov. 21st 2014)

Refusing to Treat Patients – When You Want Distance From a Patient’s Infection, Morality, and Politics – Part 1 (Nov. 14th 2014)

How to Avoid Being Burned as an Employer (Nov. 14th 2014)

What Do You Do When Your Patient Is Sporting a Swastika Tattoo? (Nov. 7th 2014)

Not Your Everyday Informed Consent Issues (Nov. 7th 2014)

What’s With the Epidemic of Whining? (Oct. 31st 2014)

Ebola and Quarantine / Isolation Laws. What is the Government Allowed to Do? (Oct. 31st 2014)

To “Or” or Not To “Or”; That Is the Question. (Oct. 24th 2014)

Ebola and HIPAA. Who, Me? (Oct. 24th 2014)

Surgical Warranties – Here They Come (Oct. 17th 2014)

First Ebola Death in US. Is the First Ebola Lawsuit Far Behind? (Oct. 17th 2014)

2,610 Hospitals Just Got Screwed by Medicare (Oct. 9th 2014)

Loss of Consortium in Med-Mal Cases for Same-Sex Couples (Oct. 9th 2014)

Surgeon Charges $117,000 – and Receives – for Assistant Fee (Oct. 3rd 2014)

Three Steps to Avoid Being Burned by Statistics in the Courtroom (Oct. 3rd 2014)

Understanding duty and liability when you are on-call: Avoiding minefields (Sep. 19th 2014)

Notes from a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Legal Issues When Dating Patients (Sep. 12th 2014)

Physician Report Cards: Can Chance Alone Make You Look Like a Killer (Sep. 12th 2014)

The Lilliputian Influence of CV Surgeon Report Cards on Referrals by Cardiologists (Sep. 4th 2014)

Sometimes You Settle a Case; Then You Get Sued Again. Crap. (Sep. 4th 2014)

Johns Hopkins to Pay $190 Million to Settle Claims Gynecologist Secretly Videoed Patients (Aug. 29th 2014)

Avoiding liability when you’re asked to do more than you’re trained to do (Aug. 22nd 2014)

The Story of the Make a Wish Foundation (Aug. 8th 2014)

Red Flag City (Aug. 1st 2014)

Prescribing opioids – Navigating the minefields (Jul. 25th 2014)

Not on call. Just finished a large glass of wine. The ER calls. What to do? (Jul. 11th 2014)

Agreements to allow a doctor to respond to a patient’s untruthful online post. (Jul. 4th 2014)

Can a Board of Medicine Discipline a Doctor for Participating in State Sanctioned Execution? (Jun. 27th 2014)

Consent to Use Before and After Photos. Lessons from a Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit (Jun. 20th 2014)

Father Banned From Delivery Room: Citing Privacy Concerns (Jun. 13th 2014)

Does Your Practice Accept Cash? Ever Heard of Form 8300? (Jun. 6th 2014)

Medicaid – Medicare Parity. Be Careful Before Cashing the Check. (May. 30th 2014)

Did John Edwards Just Pocket $4M in a Med Mal Case? (May. 23rd 2014)

Notes from a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Liability issues in telemedicine (May. 16th 2014)

A Tough Dilemma: Disclosing to Patients They May have Been Exposed to Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (May. 2nd 2014)

Guess Who’s Back Trying Med Mal Cases? John Edwards. (Apr. 19th 2014)

Notes from a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Limiting the liability of patient portals (Apr. 11th 2014)

Notes from a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Reporting a Deficient Physician (Apr. 4th 2014)

Notes from a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Taking charge in your case – Impleader and Summary Judgment (Mar. 28th 2014)

Patient Privacy Breaches: Sexual, Creepy, and Illegal (Mar. 14th 2014)

Hospital WANTS Legal Case Against It Labeled as Medical Malpractice (Mar. 7th 2014)

New Federal Minimum Wage Order and Doctors. Does It Affect You? (Feb. 28th 2014)

When Your Patient is a Wonderful Human Being; and His Family Is Not. (Feb. 21st 2014)

Preventing a Lawsuit – Always Seek Consent Before Searching a Patient’s Anus (Feb. 14th 2014)

A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing… (Feb. 7th 2014)

What You Tell Patients When Double-Blind Trial Suggests No Improvement Over Sham Surgery (Jan. 31st 2014)

Thanks For Filing the Incident Report. Now Pee in the Cup. (Jan. 24th 2014)

Urgent Client Alert: Yelp Forced to Disclose Identities of People Alleged as Posting Fake Reviews (Jan. 17th 2014)

The Economics of Brain Death (Jan. 10th 2014)

One more item on HIPAA to do list (Jan. 3rd 2014)

Are you liable when you do IMEs or insurance exams? (Dec. 27th 2013)

When a patient prefers care that is NOT the gold standard of care? (Dec. 20th 2013)

Notes from a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Using the medical record to sue a competitor for defamation (Dec. 13th 2013)

Your Patient Demands You to Pay for HIS WIFE’S treatment. WTF! (Dec. 6th 2013)

What Makes a Great Surgeon? (Nov. 29th 2013)

Asking a Patient for Feedback. What NOT to do. (Nov. 22nd 2013)

Notes from a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Should I Apologize? (Nov. 15th 2013)

File This Under No Good Deed Goes Unpunished… (Nov. 8th 2013)

Treating Self Destructive Patients (Nov. 1st 2013)

Patient Arrested for Publishing Fake Website of His Doctor (Sep. 6th 2013)

Doctors Sued – Did Not Discontinue Oral Contraceptives Prior to Surgery (Aug. 30th 2013)

Assumption of risk versus informed consent (Aug. 23rd 2013)

Can Doctors Form a Union? (Aug. 16th 2013)

Dealing With a Sham Peer Review (Aug. 9th 2013)

China Eclipses US in Novel Legal Theories (Aug. 2nd 2013)

Medical Expert Witness Arrested for Perjury (Jul. 26th 2013)

Indiana Fund Settles 340 Malpractice Cases Against One Doctor for $63 Million (Jul. 19th 2013)

Using Your (Smart) Cell Phone for Photo Documentation (Jul. 5th 2013)

Medical Mental Candy: Top 10 Celebrity Malpractices Cases (Jun. 28th 2013)

Notes from a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Taking a Defensible Consent – Part 2 (Jun. 21st 2013)

Notes from a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Taking a Defensible Consent – Part 1 (Jun. 14th 2013)

Sometimes It’s Better to Break Up Sooner Rather Than Later (Jun. 7th 2013)

iPads and Implantable Cardiac Devices. Avoiding Death While Surfing? (May. 31st 2013)

Mandatory Urine Drug Screens for Physicians? (May. 24th 2013)

A Tough Ethical Conundrum (May. 17th 2013)

Lufthansa Provides Benefits to Doctors for On-Board Medical Care (May. 10th 2013)

FL Bill Trims Who Can Be an Expert Witness (May. 7th 2013)

Your Patient is a Criminal. Carrier Denies Payment. Now What? (May. 3rd 2013)

What Does it Mean to be Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Doctor? (Apr. 26th 2013)

Online Treatment of Dogs and Cats (Apr. 19th 2013)

Notes from a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Preventing and responding to complaints (Apr. 12th 2013)

Notes from a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Avoiding liability in “casual care” (Apr. 5th 2013)

Notes from a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Keeping good deeds unpunished – Good Samaritan Laws (Mar. 29th 2013)

Supreme Court Rules Family Entitled to More Money in Malpractice Settlement (Mar. 22nd 2013)

Physician Executives Skeptical Any Patients Read Online Doctor Reviews. (Mar. 8th 2013)

Hulk Hogan sues for $50M. WWF or WTF? (Mar. 1st 2013)

The Futility of Suing a Patient for Defamation (Feb. 22nd 2013)

Doctor’s Handwritten Letter to Patient’s Family Goes Viral (Feb. 15th 2013)

Medical Justice Applauds Georgia Plan to Replace Medical Tort System (Feb. 8th 2013)

Notes from a Plaintiff’s Attorney: High-low agreements – what they are and how to make them work for you (Feb. 1st 2013)

Lawsuits in Aurora Massacre Begin (Jan. 25th 2013)

Notes from a Plaintiff’s Attorney: The “captain of the ship” doctrine in the modern medical world (Jan. 18th 2013)

Med Mal Plaintiff’s Attorneys: For Justice or For Money (Jan. 11th 2013)

Big Changes in Off-Label Prescribing Rules (Jan. 4th 2013)

Time to Rip Up Non-Compete Agreements? (Dec. 28th 2012)

Practicing Medicine as a Centenarian (Dec. 21st 2012)

Why Do Doctors Perceive Malpractice Lawsuits Differently Than Other Lawsuits? (Dec. 14th 2012)

Accutane Litigation – The End Is Not Near (Dec. 7th 2012)

I Found It. A Benefit from the Affordable Care Act. (Nov. 30th 2012)

Our New Website (Nov. 23rd 2012)

The Ethics of Amputating a Perfectly Healthy Leg (Nov. 16th 2012)

Can You Refuse to Operate on Patient with Hepatitis C? (Nov. 9th 2012)

Can Anti-Aging Doctors Prescribe Human Growth Hormone as Elixir of Youth? (Nov. 2nd 2012)

Steroid Injections and Meningitis. Lawsuits Begin. Doctors in Crossfire. (Oct. 26th 2012)

Lawyers Settle Case for Brain Injured Child. Gorge on Fees. (Oct. 19th 2012)

Notes from a Plaintiff Attorney: Covering Up (Oct. 12th 2012)

Staying out of hot water when releasing medical records: Part 2 (Oct. 5th 2012)

Staying out of hot water when releasing medical records: Part 1 (Sep. 28th 2012)

Avoiding EHR-related liability (Sep. 21st 2012)

Using Video to Supplement End of Life Discussions (Sep. 14th 2012)

Notes from a Plaintiff Attorney: When is a patient my patient? … The formation of the physician-patient relationship (Sep. 7th 2012)

Multi-million dollar verdicts in med-mal cases. Last 12 months are eye-popping. (Aug. 31st 2012)

Urgent Client Alert: Lawsuits and Patient Photos on the Web (Aug. 24th 2012)

Notes from a Plaintiff Attorney: Avoiding Liability for Abandonment (Aug. 17th 2012)

Some State Medical Board Rules Are Idiotic… (Aug. 10th 2012)

What Are “Reviews from Around the Web”? (Aug. 3rd 2012)

Truth Meter: Can a Reputation Company Really Remove Negative Posts? (Jul. 27th 2012)

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. Test Your Knowledge on Controlled Substance Laws. (Jul. 20th 2012)

Court Eviscerates Law that Expert Witnesses Must Be Same Specialty as Defendant (Jul. 13th 2012)

Sex To Die For: The Unsavory Medical Malpractice Claim of the Estate of William Martinez (Jun. 29th 2012)

The New Google + Local: Healthcare Not Invited to Participate (Jun. 14th 2012)

Notes from a Medical Malpractice Plaintiff Attorney: Doing a Great Deposition (Jun. 1st 2012)

Notes from a Medical Malpractice Plaintiff Attorney: Communicating Critical Findings (May. 18th 2012)

Nielson Study: Patients’ Voice Gets Louder (May. 11th 2012)

California Jury Awards $74 Million in Malpractice Case (Apr. 27th 2012)

Juror’s Facebook Post Creates New Medical Malpractice Trial (Apr. 20th 2012)

Sometimes you can be sued for things others did … (Apr. 13th 2012)

Doctors say doctors order too many tests… (Apr. 5th 2012)

Utah Supreme Court Rules Non-Patients Can Sue Doctors (Mar. 22nd 2012)

A Lawsuit Proceeds: Patient Had No Physical Injury (Mar. 8th 2012)

An Interesting Legal Case – You Can’t Make This Stuff Up (Feb. 23rd 2012)

Massive Judgment Against Florida HCA Hospital (Feb. 10th 2012)

Blood Pressure Cuff Gone Wild. Doctor Sued for Battery (Feb. 8th 2012)

Top Ten Frivolous Lawsuits for 2011 (Jan. 19th 2012)

Social Media’s Impact on Litigation (Jan. 6th 2012)

A New Threat: Patient Predatory Lending Claims (Dec. 13th 2011)

Lawyers and Medical Malpractice Reform: Tort Reform Allies for Doctors? (Dec. 6th 2011)

Recent Facebook Litigation (Nov. 30th 2011)

Decoding the Genome: What’s Your Liability (Nov. 29th 2011)

Two studies define frequency of litigation as an occupational hazard for surgeons (Nov. 16th 2011)

Medical malpractice reform losing physician support (Nov. 9th 2011)

Survey says (Oct. 7th 2011)

Your collection agency might hurt your medical malpractice defense (Sep. 27th 2011)

“Unique” New Medical Malpractice Claims (Sep. 22nd 2011)

Mistakes in Studies Surge – Lawsuits Sure to Follow (Sep. 21st 2011)

Tort Reform for Medical Malpractice System, Another Study Needed? (Sep. 7th 2011)

Break Out The Champagne (Jul. 28th 2011)

Survey Says and Says and Says (Jul. 20th 2011)

Physician-Rating Websites are Biased in Picking Doctors, Exaggerating Consumer Opinions, Says Paper (Jun. 22nd 2011)

Hey Doc, Can You Get Me Some Botox? (Jun. 10th 2011)

Defensive Medicine and Disposable Helmets (Apr. 6th 2011)

Real Reform or Just Whack-a-Mole (Mar. 9th 2011)

Supply and Demand, Healthcare Style (Feb. 23rd 2011)

Informed Spousal Consent: A Great Idea Worth Spreading (Feb. 18th 2011)

Your Mother Was Right (Feb. 18th 2011)

Cliffhanger Congress: Senate Passes Medicare Payment Bill (Dec. 9th 2010)

Senate Fails to Pass First HCR Fix (Dec. 1st 2010)

Legislators Bring 13-Month Bandaid Bill (Nov. 23rd 2010)

Surgeon Sentenced to Jail Time (HIPAA = Need To Know) (Nov. 2nd 2010)

Magazine Proves MD Ratings Are Questionable (Nov. 2nd 2010)

Tort Reform Is Dead. Now What? (Oct. 26th 2010)

Other Concealed Faults of the New HCR; The Case For Universal Healthcare (Oct. 21st 2010)

Some Hidden Gems in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Oct. 18th 2010)

Win the Battle; Lose the War (Oct. 12th 2010)

The Most Outrageous HIPAA Release – from Angie’s List (Oct. 12th 2010)

Dr. Jeff Segal published in “Health Reform Report” (Sep. 25th 2010)

Litigation Promotes Patient Safety – Are You Kidding? (Sep. 24th 2010)

Medical Justice on ReachMD (Sep. 24th 2010)

Healthcare Reform – A Duty To Patients, A Call To Arms (Sep. 17th 2010)

Look Who’s Getting a Tax Break: Plaintiff’s Attorneys (Sep. 10th 2010)

And THEN they said… (Sep. 8th 2010)

If You Could Change Just One Thing About Healthcare: Tort Reform (Sep. 3rd 2010)

Why Should We Care About Caps? (Sep. 1st 2010)

Limited Access To Care Looms Large. What Can Be Done? (Aug. 16th 2010)

Expert Testimony for Medical Malpractice Suits In Doubt (Aug. 11th 2010)

HealthCare Reform – Proof is in the Pudding (Aug. 10th 2010)

AMA Report: Lawsuits Are Frequent; Really Frequent (Aug. 8th 2010)

Tort Reform and the Rain Forest; Lawyers’ Advice Needed (Aug. 6th 2010)

BREAKING NEWS: 6-Month Medicaid Funding Extension in Senate (Aug. 4th 2010)

Fighting Back Against the Changes (Jul. 22nd 2010)

HCR: A Silver Lining Is Still Only Found in a Storm (Jul. 20th 2010)

HealthCare Reform Coming Home To Roost (Jul. 19th 2010)

A World Without Frivolous Lawsuits (Jul. 15th 2010)

Defensive Medicine: Real and Expensive! Here’s the Solution! (Jul. 12th 2010)

Medical Justice Offers Free Memberships For New Doctors (Jul. 7th 2010)

Will Smarter Lawyers End Frivolous Lawsuits? (Jul. 6th 2010)

Senate Passes Yet Another Short-Term Extension for Medicare, BUT… (Jun. 21st 2010)

ONH Issues Temporary Certification Program for EHR, Wait Far From Over (Jun. 18th 2010)

Senate’s 6-Month Payment Solution includes 2.2% Increase (Jun. 17th 2010)

Tort Reform and Frivolous Lawsuits: Show Me the Money (May. 27th 2010)

Rasmussen: 63% of Voters Favor Repeal of Health Care Reform — But Is That So? (May. 25th 2010)

In the Trenches: A Practical Look at the New Health Care Reform Law (May. 19th 2010)

$220M for Pilot Communities’ EHR – Jackpot for Them, But No Practical Solutions In Sight (May. 5th 2010)

The 81 Million Dollar Misdemeanor (Apr. 29th 2010)

Senate Positioning to Regulate Health Insurance Premiums (Apr. 28th 2010)

WARNING: “Obamacare” Insurance Scams Emerging (Apr. 27th 2010)

Hard Time Getting A Doctor’s Appointment? Thank a Greedy Lawyer. (Apr. 23rd 2010)

The Liz Fowler Connection: WellPoint Commits Fraud, Targets Patients For Wrongful Cancellation (Apr. 22nd 2010)

Doctor: You Promised My Before and After Website Pictures Would be Anonymous (Apr. 22nd 2010)

Health Care Reform Bill: Now Comes The Hard Part (Apr. 21st 2010)

Doctors Already Besieged by Questions About the new Health Care Laws (Apr. 19th 2010)

Medicare Cuts Postponed Again — this time until June 2010 (Apr. 16th 2010)

AHA Calls for Easing of New Rules on Electronic Health Record Requirements (Apr. 15th 2010)

Georgia First State to Rebel Against High Risk Pool in Healthcare Reform (Apr. 14th 2010)

Access Issues; Are Nurse Practitioners The Key To Functional Health Care Reform? (Apr. 9th 2010)

Patient’s Bill of Responsibilities: #1 Take Good Care of Yourself (Mar. 30th 2010)

A Place At The Table; Heathcare Reform Decisions Being Made Without Doctors: Dr. D. Berwick New Head of CMS (Mar. 29th 2010)

Procedural Issues To Send Reconciliation Back To House For Another Vote (Mar. 25th 2010)

It’s Official, Obama Signed the Bill, But We STILL Don’t Know What It Means (Mar. 23rd 2010)

This Is What Change Looks Like — Health Care Reform Act of 2010 Passes the House (Mar. 22nd 2010)

AMA Supports Health Care Reform Bill, Throws Tort Reform Under The Bus (Mar. 21st 2010)

Pelosi: Just Vote For It And Then You Can Find Out What It Says (Mar. 20th 2010)

2309 Pages in 72 Hours = 32 Pages An Hour — If They Don’t Think Or Sleep (Mar. 19th 2010)

38 States Poised to Sue Federal Government Over Mandatory Health Care Insurance Requirement (Mar. 18th 2010)

Kucinich and Kildee Switch Votes on Health Care Reform bill, Deeming Arises (Mar. 17th 2010)

GOP Leadership Admits to Intentionally Obstructing Senate (Mar. 17th 2010)

House Rules Committee Meeting On Friday, But Still No Real Health Care Reform (Mar. 16th 2010)

Special Deals Boost Support for Health Care Reform Reconciliation Bill (Mar. 16th 2010)

Reconciliation In Motion, Republicans Remain Opposed (Mar. 15th 2010)

Healthcare Bill Lies (Mar. 15th 2010)

Obama: Insurance Carriers Reduce Profits, Legislators Put Aside Politics, But No Tort Reform (Mar. 11th 2010)

Senate OKs Extensions of Medicare SGR, Medicaid, Unemployment & COBRA — Bill Awaits House Approval (Mar. 11th 2010)

Health Justice Instead of Tort Reforms? Best Practice Should Provide Exemption (Mar. 8th 2010)

C-Sections & Obesity Blamed For Rise In Maternal Mortality (Mar. 7th 2010)

The SGR Band-aid & Why We All Should Care (Mar. 6th 2010)

From The Trenches (Healthcare Reform for the Real World) #4: Support Innovation (Mar. 5th 2010)

Obama & Dems To Push Half-Baked HCR Through Via Tactic Misnamed As “Reconciliation” (Mar. 4th 2010)

Podcast on Defensive Medicine (Mar. 1st 2010)

House Giveth, Senator Bunning Taketh Away; 21% SGR Cut Ahead! (Feb. 27th 2010)

President’s Plan: Backdoor Health Care Bill Thru Budget Reconciliation (Feb. 23rd 2010)

From The Trenches (Healthcare Reform for the Real World) #3: Pre-Existing Conditions (Feb. 22nd 2010)

Drug Makers Playing the Numbers Game (Feb. 16th 2010)

Taking Health Care Reform In Hand (Feb. 13th 2010)

WellPoint Blames 39% Rate Hike On Healthy People (Feb. 12th 2010)

John Murtha (D,PA) Tort Reform Supporter Dead at 77 (Feb. 11th 2010)

Podcast on Tort Reform (Feb. 9th 2010)

Humana and the Exclusions — Why Healthcare Reform is of Vital Importance (Feb. 4th 2010)

Breaking News (Feb. 4th 2010)

From The Trenches (Health Care Reform for the Real World) #2: Access Solutions (Feb. 3rd 2010)

State of the Nation – President Asks Us How To Improve (Jan. 29th 2010)

From The Trenches (Health Care Reform for the Real World) #1: Nature of the Problem (Jan. 25th 2010)

Follow The Money – Medical Justice Is Still Your Best Bet (Jan. 21st 2010)

Will Scott Brown’s Win Push Democrat’s Health Care Reform Bill Through? (Jan. 20th 2010)

Fearing Filibuster, Democrats Try To Push Through Half-Baked Bill (Jan. 19th 2010)

Drug Manufacturers Back For a Second (Make that Third) Helping At Healthcare Reform Table (Jan. 17th 2010)

Calling Out Burris; Senator Roland Burris Offers Weak and Inaccurate Excuses In Lieu of Tort Reforms (Jan. 14th 2010)

CBO Advises Congress: Tort Reforms Would Save $54 Billion! (Jan. 9th 2010)

Did Ya Ever Hear The One About The Doctor Who Sued The Patient? (Jan. 8th 2010)

Physicians’ Trysts with Patients: Yes, It’s Common (Jan. 6th 2010)

Senate’s Ugly Christmas Present; The Frankenstein Healthcare Reform (Dec. 24th 2009)

Court Says Don’t Sleep With Your Patient (Dec. 14th 2009)

Urgent Call for Action Against Proposed BoTax (Dec. 10th 2009)

Senate Rejects Caps on Attorney’s Fees, Snubs Healthcare Reform (Dec. 7th 2009)

With 60 Votes, Senate Poised to Talk About Healthcare Reform (Nov. 25th 2009)

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To Reform (Nov. 23rd 2009)

Breast Cancer Screening (Nov. 18th 2009)

AMA and AARP? Oh Really? (Nov. 12th 2009)

Preaching to the Choir About Healthcare Reform (Nov. 7th 2009)

Harry Reid, Hero or Public Enemy #1? (Oct. 27th 2009)

“What You Can Do For Your Country!” (Oct. 20th 2009)

Sugar Tax? (Oct. 8th 2009)

Doctors & The Free Market System (Sep. 29th 2009)

Physicians Take The Patient’s Side (Sep. 24th 2009)

Reid & Baucus in the China Shop; First, Do No Harm! (Sep. 23rd 2009)

Tweet Not — Focus on Tort Reforms! (Sep. 22nd 2009)

110,000 Doctors Can’t Be Wrong (Sep. 9th 2009)

Trickling Down Tort Reforms (Sep. 2nd 2009)

The Demonizing of Doctors — An Op-Ed (Aug. 27th 2009)

Kennedy’s Passing Ensures Health Care Reform (Aug. 26th 2009)

Where’s The Waste In Medicine? Healthcare’s All The Rest (Aug. 21st 2009)

Where’s The Waste: Ignoring Doctor’s Orders and Abusing ERs (Aug. 20th 2009)

Wasted Money is Largely Due To Medical Malpractice Suits (Aug. 19th 2009)

The Price Society Pays For Frivolous Lawsuits (Aug. 15th 2009)

On Healthcare Reform: Moderation (I’ll take my half from the middle.) (Aug. 14th 2009)

On The Doctor’s Side in a Medical Malpractice Suit (Jul. 13th 2009)

Doctors Who Murder (Jun. 24th 2009)

Juiced Jurors (Jun. 1st 2009)

A Spanking for an Internist Who Failed to Provide an Interpreter for Deaf Patient (Apr. 23rd 2009)

Balancing Shared Interests of Patients and Doctors (Mar. 4th 2009)

Censorship, or Sensible Citizenship? (Feb. 25th 2009)

Our Goal, Transforming Healthcare (Feb. 23rd 2009)

The Octuplets: Standard of Care and a Lawsuit? (Feb. 16th 2009)

Concerns of Defense Counsel Answered (Feb. 11th 2009)

Doctor, How Much Are You Being Paid To Testify Today? (Dec. 16th 2008)

Tort Reform: Helpful But Not Enough (Oct. 10th 2008)

The Issue of Frivolous Malpractice Lawsuits (Oct. 9th 2008)