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Season 2, Episode 1

Gadolinium Deposition Disease – The Litigation Tsunami No One Sees

by | Jun 27, 2019

There’s a litigation tsunami on the horizon – perhaps the largest risk management exposure related to radiology to date. If you order any MR imaging studies, you will want to hear more. Including how to mitigate the aforementioned risk. Gadolinium is a contrast agent. Each year, about 30 million MR scans are performed. 1/3rd use contrast. Recently, a spotlight has been placed on the longstanding understanding that gadolinium based contrast agents (GBCAs) leave some gadolinium behind.

In 2009, the risks associated with radiation of CT scans permeated public consciousness. Ten years later, gadolinium toxicity has begun to occupy the same head-space. 

Why this matters – this is a complex issue that will blindside all hospitals, radiology groups, and, no less important, referrers. 

On this episode of the Medical Liability Minute, Dr. Segal interviews Dr. Benjamin Harvey, Director of Quality Improvement, Department of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. The topic of the hour – gadolinium “toxicity”, the risks associated with ordering MR contrast agents, and what physicians can do to minimize those risks.

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Benjamin Harvey, MD, JD (Guest)

– Director of Quality Improvement, Department of Radiology,  Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

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