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Customer Quotes

Customer Quotes

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The true measure of our effectiveness is the success of our customers. Here’s what they have to say about us.

“I appreciate Medical Justice’s role in getting me dismissed, and remain a loyal member.”
T. Lefkowitz, M.D.

“I received my renewal documents from Medical Justice recently and wanted you to know that there can be no question but that membership in Medical Justice has been the best thing I have done since starting my own practice- in my opinion, NOT renewing is not even an option I would consider.”
AC Soto, M.D.

“Thank you for your continued diligence in the fight for physicians’ rights and reputations.”
C. N., M.D.

“What Medical Justice did for me was something my med-mal carrier could not do: it made me no longer fear my patients.”
J. Crutchfield, M.D., FACS

“I was served a intent to sue for an alleged complication. Medical Justice sent the plaintiff attorney an Early Action letter and they just dropped the case. I’m glad to have Medical Justice on my side.”
S.L., M.D.

“I am a surgeon married to a lawyer. We are both thrilled with Medical Justice!!! I just heard from my defense counsel that a malpractice suit against me is being dropped and the plaintiff wants assurances that I will not file a countersuit against her. I feel very strongly that this would not have happened without Medical Justice’s involvement. Medical Justice is an effective, smart, and very well run organization. My only regret is that I did not join Medical Justice sooner as I am doubtful this lawsuit would have been filed had I used the program back then.”
JP, M.D.

“I would like to once again express my gratitude to Medical Justice. Although I never had to use your (Early Action) services, I sure had a great feeling of calm because you were there.”
Cole Goodman, MD

“Tremendous is all I can say… I wish I had joined sooner. Already wrote to my (colleagues) mentioning your organization’s name. It is time that the current system is held accountable. I am proud to be a (Medical Justice) member.”
Alejandro Badia, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

“I wanted to let you know I am very happy with Dental Justice. I am thankful. The landscape for dentists and doctors has completely changed, and I commend you for stepping up to the plate to address this.”
Jason Cohen, DDS

We are all blessed that there are people and companies like Medical Justice to bring this issue to the forefront and at least start the long road to some sort of reform of our disgusting broken legal system. All of us as physicians practicing medicine (which is not a perfect science) have an obligation to support the people and companies like Medical Justice.

“Thank you for such a timely response. Nice to know that there is a solution to nonsense like that. I feel empowered by having you guys on my side. I can concentrate on practicing medicine and not dealing with sociopaths.”
Arkady Kagan, MD, Ophthalmology

“Man this is so worth my dues (I feel like I’m) stealing from you! Thanks tons.”

“I am a proud PA (Physician’s Assistant) member of Medical Justice and I have been very pleased with my membership to date.”

“Your program is amazing. I’m so glad I joined!”

“It was gratifying to learn that the ‘condition’ upon which the plaintiff dismissed me from a case that had been open for 7 years was that I not sic Medical Justice on them or their attorney. Obviously membership in Medical Justice was money well spent.”

Medical Justice provides a variety of services that shield physicians from a number of hazards they encounter in practicing medicine. Their strategies and programs deter frivolous lawsuits. This partnership [with Medical Justice] supports and enhances First Professionals’ longstanding pledge to provide excellent benefits for all our policyholders. Offering Medical Justice to our Florida-based insured will be instrumental in mitigating many aggravating situations that affect healthcare providers today.
Robert White, Jr., President of First Professionals Insurance Company (“FPIC”). FPIC was named one of the 100 Most Trustworthy Companies by Forbes in 2010.

I wanted to share some good news with you. After 5 years of chasing a frivolous suit and weeks before trial…the plaintiff’s attorney has finally decided to drop his case. I assume Medical Justice played some role in this positive outcome. Thanks for your help!
R.H., MD, Surgeon

Tort reform will only come when there is enough negative feedback in the system. Medical Justice is probably doing more than a zillion phone calls to Congressmen to provide that feedback–it’s stinging the scorpions.
Joseph Horton, MD, Neurointerventional Surgeon

“I was involved in a multiple defendant case that settled for nuisance value and the settlement result did NOT require reporting to the Data Bank. Medical Justice was invaluable in helping me get to this outcome!”
B.K., M.D., Psychiatrist

“I’m so impressed with [Medical]/Dental Justice. Thank you for being so prompt and forthcoming with information. Life in the dental office is stressful enough with these ‘low level disputes.’ You have given me peace of mind.”
C.S., Connecticut Gentle Dental Care

“Medical Justice is the single best thing I have done for my practice and has probably saved me $250k not to mention a nightmare. They do not pay me and I totally, psychotically endorse them. In fact, I was on CNN national speaking on their behalf. JOIN NOW. If you don’t, you will regret it in the future. Seriously.”

Regarding anonymous posts on physician rating sites:

“As a patient, I would like to express my support for physicians regarding the posting of physician reviews on the Internet. You accurately pointed out that anyone can post anything, factual or not and malicious postings can easily be placed on this web site so as a patient, I would not be able to use the information because the reviews may be garbage information thus a patient could actually be misled. I believe you are on the right path to discourage these web postings. I wish you much success.

You are more than welcome to post the email and I would also offer that I would sign [an agreement] to assure my doctor I would not post anything about him or her on those type of web sites. Thanks.”
Emory (Rowdy) Howard

“Having Medical Justice guide me through my first suit was very helpful both emotionally and, I believe, in leading to its dismissal. Their rapid responses including finding several experts through the PEER Expert Witness program who were willing to review my chart notes and help me navigate this abyss more confidently. Although not apparent initially, the plaintiff and their attorney soon learned we have a solid team, resources, and recourse. Although I hope to never need to call Medical Justice again, I will do so with even more confidence. Thanks.”
Dr. J.E.K. Internist, Preventive and Integrative Medicine

“Medical Justice is a proactive service that maintains the professional integrity of the medical-legal environment.”
Dr. P. P., Neurosurgeon

“Medical Justice is a lifeline for medical practice.”
Dr. H. K., Neurologist

“Stop waiting for Congress to solve our malpractice crisis. Government cannot or will not solve this problem…Medical Justice is not the whole answer but goes the furthest towards the whole answer.”
Dr. J. M., Internist

“Medical Justice has dramatically improved our pre-emptive defense against lawsuits for our practice.”
Dr. C. R., Surgeon

“Join when you are tired on being human skeet and waiting for a personal injury attorney to shout ‘pull!'”
Dr. J. H., Radiologist

“As a member of Medical Justice, I feel I have a big brother on my side.”
Dr. J. B., Orthopaedic Surgeon

“I have been a member for years. The program is well received by my patients”
Dr. M. L., Neurosurgeon

“Thanks for all you do. You provide peace of mind in an arena that you would think would not be possible.”
Dr. R. P., Surgeon

“If nothing else, this idea [Anti-Defamation Program] is worth the membership. Thank you kindly”
Dr. Z. T., Internist

“I am very happy with your support and services. I can now practice good medicine with peace of mind.”
Dr. R. Hinojos, Family Practice

“I enjoyed the opportunity to speak with you today and again want to express my appreciation as one of the many “silent majorities” who recognize those who stand for justice and labor for others”
Dr. M. G., Internist

“Keep up the great work … By the way, I have told several colleagues about what [Medical Justice] had done for me, and how I “got erased” from the Data Bank [for being improperly reported]. Nobody believed me.
Dr. J. H., Internist

“… had been hearing great things about Medical Justice from 2 clients who also were frustrated with the problem of frivolous patient lawsuits, and told me that they found Medical Justice to be innovative, vigilant, and effective in addressing this problem.

As I think mentioned, independently, I contacted Medical Justice in June after coming across an LA Times article ( that mentioned one of their latest projects, protecting physicians from damaging web posts by patients. I personally have been very impressed with their approach and their focus on this issue as well.”
Harry Nelson
Nelson Hardiman
11835 W Olympic Blvd., Suite 900
Los Angeles, CA 90064
T: 310.203.2800
F: 310.203.2727
Healthcare Attorneys

As a Pennsylvania physician, I joined another organization, Doctors Advocate, in 2006, not knowing about Medical Justice. I left their program after one year. After hearing Dr Segal speak, Medical Justice seemed the better program. One reason, among many: Medical Justice allocates up to $100,000 for countersuits. This clearly provides more teeth to the program. And, they have a demonstrated track record.

Since I joined Medical Justice, it is clear their proactive stance, more organized infrastructure, and broad expertise in the medico-legal arena are far superior to what Doctors Advocate’s alleges to offer. Pennsylvania doctors should get behind Medical Justice in order to protect against frivolous lawsuits so we can continue to practice medicine without looking over our shoulders.
R. Stoller , DO

“I am a general surgeon in a small hospital and was called when a colleague operating on a shoulder had avulsed a branch from the axillary artery. Imagine the stress of finding a small incision with a clamp on the artery in a lady whose shoulder is now disarticulated. I repaired the artery saving her extremity. Two years and 51 weeks later a letter arrives threatening suit against me, the other surgeon, and the hospital. Why? I guess for saving her arm which is fine.

Within two weeks of Medical Justice’s involvement the lawyer tells my carrier he won’t be suing me. What a relief.”
S. Elerding, MD

Dear Jeff,

I want to thank you for participating in the program for our recent Health Transformation Advisory Panel meeting. Your presentation was well received and provided important insight which will be helpful as we develop and implement a new 21st Century Intelligent System of Health Justice.

Thanks again for being an important part of our work.

Your friend,
Newt Gingrich

“You guys are the greatest. I am spreading the word about your good work.”
J. Temkin, M.D.

“Not a bad idea…Better still, a great idea.”
D.R., M.D.

“For too long, personal injury attorneys have gone after physicians like shooting fish in a barrel…Now the fish are armed.”
Larry Schlesinger, M.D.

“I just read Jeffrey Segal’s article in the Wall Street Journal, and I was compelled to drop a note and congratulate you and your team on providing this vital service to our doctors, and ultimately to our society at large. I am sincerely impressed with your free market answer to the growing medical malpractice train wreck that we all have seemingly been watching in slow motion for some time now…On behalf of myself, my family, my community, and my country, I thank you- and please keep up the good work.”

“I found your commentary in the Wall Street Journal – July 12, 2007- titled “Do-It-Yourself Tort Reform” very encouraging and enlightening. I congratulate you for having the vision and courage to chart this new map in our medical structure. It is leaders like you who are showing us the way out of our costly medical [malpractice] insurance mess for both patients and physicians. I applaud you.”

“Excellent article in the Wall Street Journal. Keep up the good work.”
C.B., M.D.

“Thank you for taking the initiative to stand up to our twisted justice system.”
E.L., M.D.

Dear Medical Justice Team,

As you may already know, I am an obstetrician gynecologist who recently joined your organization. I was a defendant in a lawsuit since approximately 2002. It truly is painful when anything goes awry in my specialty but it is more so when a complication results in a lawsuit. That had been my situation for years. My feelings certainly covered a wide spectrum ranging from sadness to anger. Regardless of my feelings, I always felt helpless during this legal process. Recently, I was made aware of your organization and decided to give it a try. The minute the plaintiffs attorney received a letter from you regarding your involvement, he was not happy. His displeasure upon receiving the letter from your organization certainly indicated to me I had made the right decision in joining your group. After all these years, my case was going to go to trial on April 18, 2007. I joined your organization on February 22, 2007 and I was notified that the lawsuit had been dropped on April 11, 2007 with 9 days to go prior to trial date. I was the last defendant to be dropped from the case which involved me, the hospital, and an anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist had settled a few weeks prior rather than go to trial.

As you can imagine, I could not be happier with the outcome. Although I was willing to go to trial, the entire process is painful and I was extremely relieved. Unless our society changes, I strongly believe that joining “Medical Justice” is the answer to alleviating some of the pain associated with these lawsuits. By joining this organization, I feel confident justice indeed will prevail. I will be happy to speak to anyone that has questions with respect to joining.

Dr. G.H.

“God Bless You and please hurry to this state!”
R. L., M.D.

“Very pleased to hear that physicians are taking matters into their own hands! It’s about time!!”
L. D., M.D.

“I’ve always fought frivolous lawsuits, and that’s all I have had, but why do we have to go through this nonsense for no fault of ours?…I have been in the medical field 22 years and I would never give in. I thank God for an organization like yours.”
P.M., M.D.

“Great program!”
I.L., D.O.

“It’s like having a big sign that says Beware of Dog.”
Chris Lucchese, D.O.

“Medical Justice was instrumental in getting my case dropped. Period.”
Richard Memo, M.D.

“While visiting prospective physician professional liability insurance policyholders in Ohio the past several months, I have reviewed physician lawsuits wherein, it appeared to me, that the involvement of Medical Justice in the lawsuits had a positive impact on their ultimate favorable dispositions. My initial impression of what Medical Justice can do for their physician clients is very positive and encouraging.”
Ronald Wade, Director of Claims, Ohio Hospital Association Insurance Solutions, Inc.

“I just wanted you to know that I had a second case dismissed shortly after the plaintiff’s attorney had received a letter from you outlining my participation in the Medical Justice Program. I have no doubt that your … program is useful and that Medical Justice is starting to give notice to plaintiff’s attorneys that we physicians will no longer be pushed around. Again, thank you for your hard work. I look forward to a continued relationship….”
Lawrence M. Spetka, M.D.

“My defense attorney just reported to me that the plaintiff’s attorney on my case confessed to a sudden loss of interest in continuing the suit against me. The timing was quite coincidental in that it occurred very shortly after he received notification of my membership in Medical Justice. This is a big win. Thanks.”
P.C., M.D.

“I was named in a meritless suit September, 2003. I joined Medical Justice in August, 2005. The case was dropped within days. The system works.”
Max Friedman, O.D.

“As a member of Medical Justice, I have been thoroughly and overwhelmingly pleased with their service. Dr. Segal and his team of dedicated professionals go above and beyond to protect physicians so that we can focus more on what we do best which is taking care of patients. I believe every physician in this country should become a member to help protect their practices from frivolous time sucking lawsuits that in the end does nothing to help anyone.”

“I cannot tell you how much it means to have someone on my side in a case like this. I truly appreciated having a sympathetic and professional ear to help me to resolve this. Medical Justice is indispensable to a practice, especially in these litigious times. I just paid my renewal and it was well worth it!!!!! Thank you again!”
R.B., M.D.