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Sometimes feeling their pain takes on a whole new meaning.

When a medical complaint becomes a legal complaint, there’s pain involved. Emotional and financial pain. We’re doctors and lawyers  dedicated to deterring an resolving frivolous claims against your work – and more importantly, your good name. That’s why we’re here.

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We protect you against frivolous lawsuits and numerous other threats that threaten to damage your good name.


We have the leadership to address the specific medico-legal issues physicians face.


We provide results our members count on for the health and prosperity of their practices.

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With our pioneering combination of medico-legal expertise, resources, and medical reputation management services, we deliver as seasoned advisors and formidable advocates.

We’re the first call doctors make when they sense trouble.

We stand vigilantly by our member physicians with guidance and grit, relentlessly clearing out frivolous lawsuits before they start, and being the go-to for guidance when situations are at their most bewildering.

We know your time is valuable. Spend a few minutes with us and discover how membership protects what’s important to good medical practice – and does away with what’s detrimental.

I am very happy with your support and services. I can now practice good medicine with peace of mind.

Dr. R. Hinojos

Family Practice

Thanks for all you do. You provide peace of mind in an arena that you would think would not be possible.


Dr. R. P.


When our members call on us, we answer...

And we’re called on a lot. So we’ve learned a lot. We’ve chronicled our most invaluable experiences in the form of case studies.

These reports are measures of our past successes and strong indicators of future outcomes. We trust they will prove informative and perhaps even entertaining.

Contact us if you’ve been thrust into similar circumstances – or are concerned you will be soon.

Our effectiveness is the success of our clients.

Medical Justice has been protecting doctors from frivolous litigation since 2002. It is our duty and our privilege to protect the livelihoods entrusted to us.

Today, Medical Justice has helped over 12,000 physicians across the U.S.

Our members value the services we provide and aren’t afraid to let us know.

We invite you to browse their feedback and weigh their feelings and experiences against your expectations and objectives.

We’ll stand fast when the world bewilders…

Each year many groundless medical malpractice suits are initiated against health care providers. Physicians are pressured to settle frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits in order to minimize their financial risk. Damaging their Medical Identity™. Creating undue stress. And greatly increasing medical malpractice insurance premiums. The legal system leaves physicians vulnerable to frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits filed by unethical attorneys and “expert” witnesses.

Medical Justice® holds those who exploit those vulnerabilities accountable…

Browse our library of complimentary resources

Our executive team breaks medico-legal dilemmas into bite-sized lessons. Each video features commentary from Medical Justice Founder and CEO, Dr. Jeff Segal, and Medical Justice General Counsel, Mike Sacopulos.

Featured presentations include:

  • How do lawyers shake down doctors? And what can doctors do to stop them?
  • My ex-employee stole my database to start her own practice…now what?
  • HIPAA Compliance for Doctors and Medical Practices – An Essential Review
  • How easily can patients extort their doctors?

How Do Attorneys Shake Down Doctors?

Some attorneys will go to unprofessional lengths to serve their clients. Often, these shakedown tactics come at the doctor's expense. Maintain your guard. Don't fall for these bluffs.

How Does a Malpractice Lawsuit Affect You?

Medical Justice Founder and CEO, Dr. Jeffrey Segal, describes what it was like for him, and how his experiences on the receiving end of a frivolous lawsuit shaped the way Medical Justice protects its clients today…

How Often Are Good Doctors Sued?

99% of surgeons will become embroiled in a malpractice lawsuit before age 65. Medical Justice exists to help those 99% navigate med-mal suits safely – by stopping them before they start.