Medical Justice

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Feeling the pressure?

Each year many groundless medical malpractice suits are initiated against health care providers. Physicians are pressured to settle frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits in order to minimize their financial risk. Damaging physician’s Medical Identity™. Creating undue stress. And greatly increasing medical malpractice insurance premiums. The legal system leaves physicians vulnerable to frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits filed by unethical attorneys and “expert” witnesses.

Justice can be yours.

Medical Justice® creates a practice infrastructure to prevent, deter, and respond to frivolous medical malpractice suits. A membership-based organization, Medical Justice is relentlessly committed to protecting physicians’ Medical Identity™ and practices.

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Medical Identity™ Management

Often the best defense is a good offense. And eMerit® can help. A complement to the medico-legal protection services of Medical Justice®, eMerit provides a comprehensive platform for managing your medical identity. With tools that assess your Internet persona and advise adjustment, gather actionable patient feedback in real-time, and optimize your web presence, eMerit was created to protect, serve and grow your business. Come discover how you can grow your business while minimizing distractions away from patients. Join your colleagues at eMerit®.