We’ve heard plenty of horror stories where someone tried to do the right thing – and got screwed.

Everyone knows the saying, “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.”

Still, my faith in humanity was renewed on January 10th.

I’m an avid cyclist. I ride with an eclectic group. I’m obsessive about cycling when the weather warms up. And I ride with this group until cold weather comes along.

This winter, I decided to try some cold weather riding. I’m not a fan. It requires layers upon layers of thermal gear to avoid turning into a popsicle. But, I like the people I ride with. From all walks of life. All socioeconomic groups. We just like to ride.

Nine miles into this winter ride, Wayne’s front wheel touched the wheel of the cyclist in front of him. Wayne lost his balance, fell, and could not get back on his bike. He was only going 10 miles an hour. But, if you hit right (or in this case, wrong), the potential for damage is real. He was in pain and struggled to bear weight. But, his pain was in his lateral thigh. We were all hoping it was a contusion.

Unbeknownst to us, Wayne fractured his hip. Several cars slowed down and asked if we needed help. One person, Tristan, would not take no for an answer. He took our fellow cyclist, Wayne, to an urgent care facility and was transferred to our regional hospital.

Wayne now has a new hip and we hope he will be back on his bike in Spring. When it warms up. The time of year that it makes sense to ride.

Tristan refused our money – even for the gas to transport Wayne.

My hat’s off to Tristan for helping. He really made a difference.

How often do we hear “Is there a doctor around?” Resist the urge to stay silent. I know the pitfalls of stepping up. I still encourage my fellow professionals to step up.

What do you think? Don’t be shy.