That’s the dream of many people these days, professionals, their patients and clients alike — a world without frivolous lawsuits. A world where trial lawyers don’t exaggerate or fabricate cases in order to harass good people out of their hard-earned money. A world where a dedicated professional who is doing the right thing to the best of his abilities and in accordance with standard professional practices is not a target for some lazy opportunist. What would such a world be like? Let’s have a look:

Your doctor would spend his time and energy with you, on you and your needs ENTIRELY, instead of covering his backside, dotting I’s and crossing T’s. What’s more, he’ll be better rested, have a more pleasant bedside manner, because he won’t be up half the night worrying about when the next ingrate is going to try to take his life’s work away from him on a jackpot lawsuit.

You will be pleased to know that you won”t have to wait anywhere near as long for an appointment. All of that Defensive Medicine we’ve been putting up with would be a thing of the past — and all the time we DON’T spend on defensive medicine allows the doctor to see more patients, and to spend more time with each of them as well!

One of the best things about it would be that your insurance premiums would go down — a LOT. The doctor wouldn’t have to charge as much, so neither you nor your insurance company has to pay as much. All the administrative overhead of that defensive medicine would be eliminated as well.

Then there’s the patient safety issue. Nearly all tests are at least somewhat invasive. The percentage may not be very large, but why risk extra tests that may endanger a patient’s health if you don’t have to?

That’s just a beginning. Easier access to physicians, lower costs and happier patients, staff and doctors — all from dispensing of jackpot lawyers and their greedy clients. What an awesome vision! But how do we make it real?

Dr. Jeffrey Segal, founder of Medical Justice, has been promoting tort reforms that would protect a physician who is doing things by the book. That way, the trial lawyers couldn’t try to make a jackpot on a bad outcome or some imaginary impact. People who deserve compensation would still gain it, but the burden of proving oneself innocent would be lifted from the physicians of this country.

Frivolous lawsuits hurt us all. Everyone is impacted by them. Count on Medical Justice to continue to lead the fight, helping their members sleep better at night, providing proven strategies to reduce the risk. Give a call, find out how Medical Justice membership can ease your pains!