When it first started, most thought it was a joke, a hoax or a fluke. Could someone seriously be demanding a refund because they didn’t like the way their dental work turned out? Never underestimate the power of greed and ignorance. Some patients have attorneys trying to get them refunds for dental work now. If you don’t think this is preposterous, you may want to have a closer look.

To be fair, let’s put this into neutral ground. Say you’re a mechanic. The client brings in their vehicle wanting new tires, and asks you to check out a “clunking” sound heard in the front end when cornering. You find the problem, change out the part, install their tires, balance it, and send them on their way. Then, weeks or months later, you get a letter from their attorney. They’re saying they don’t like the way their car looks with the new tires, so they want you to refund the money paid — all of it. Does that seem fair or make sense to you?

This is exactly what some patients and their attorneys have been pulling on dentists. Take the work, much of which has nothing to do with appearances, and then later on decide you deserve a refund. In fact, you’re going to demand one, and if they don’t give it, you’ll nuisance sue! (If they paid by credit card, they might even get the issuing bank to help them pull the money back out of your account!)

It would be tempting to just give them back their money. But rewarding that sort of behavior is the LAST thing you want to do. Medical Justice members enjoy that MJ takes a firm stance against this sort of theft. The dentist (or plastic surgeon) has done the work. The job was properly done. To give the patient back the fees under duress (threat of medical malpractice suit) is tantamount to robbery. Moreover, just like insurance fraud, it ends up costing everyone. Don’t take it. Stand up and fight!

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