By now most of you know that Brown won Kennedy’s seat, so the Democrats can’t avoid a filibuster anymore. In the aftermath of this election, there will be a lot of speculation as to whether health care reform is dead in the water. What’s clear is that the last year has been largely wasted. Even today, Pelosi’s House won’t pass the Senate bill (and visa versa.) Perhaps they’ll come together to accept a bill that gives everyone who has a seat at the table some of what they want. But that table still consists of just two sides: Democrats and Republicans. Health Care providers aren’t seated, and most of the world isn’t even allowed to listen in on the conversations.

If Senator-elect Brown wants to walk the talk, perhaps he can push to provide us with transparency by keeping us all informed of what’s really going on. Maybe the new Massachusetts senator can make the rest of the legislature open the doors and let us in on what they’re doing for us, with our money and in our names. Brown ran as a Republican, but spoke as an Independent in his acceptance speech. That would be a pleasant change — someone who votes on the merit of the item, rather than by party line.

What may be most telling, though, is the stock market. It rose sharply when it became apparent that Brown would take the seat away from the Democrats. Where did it rise? Health Insurance companies. What a shocker! Yep. The status quo is worth LOTS of money, and the market was thrilled that some 40 million people won’t likely be getting health insurance by the end of this decade. (Yep, the proposed changes wouldn’t provide coverage for several years anyway.) It was apparently pleased that patients won’t be exempt from pre-existing conditions clauses. This is also something that the American people really wanted.

We’re back to the drawing board… and Medical Justice remains the most solid form of Health Care Reform available to date. No need to wait for Congress to agree on anything. Doctors and other health care providers can take this matter into their own hands. Responsible, fair patients can also stand behind the sensible changes that Medical Justice promotes, changes that are in the best interests of everyone but the greedy trial lawyers and their self-serving clients. Everyone should be able to agree that things need to be fair, and we can’t afford to continue practicing defensive medicine for the sake of those greedy few. Count on Medical Justice to provide working solutions that you can use today and tomorrow.