Everyone knows times are tough these days, but there’s a big difference between hanging out your shingle far enough for it to be seen and active selling. And that difference is driving good, caring, competent physicians out of practice in droves. Between the tough economic times overall, the chronic changes in government reimbursement, the hassle and delay in collecting at all, and the way that insurance companies come back and renegotiate after services have been provided… it’s no surprise that people have a hard time getting in to see the doctors that are still in practice.

They say it pays to advertise. Apparently it pays very well for jackpot trial attorneys. Medical Malpractice attorney’s commercials are all over daytime and late-night TV… now on the Internet as well.

Do You Feel You’ve Suffered From Your Doctor’s Neglect? Contact A Malpractice Attorney Now!

We’ve removed the links (why advertise for the enemy?) but the text remains the same. They’re not just offering their services. They’re actively selling by their question, and wording it so that most everyone will say “yes”. But the word “suffer” is pretty loosely employed. Is having to wait more than five minutes before being seen considered Suffering? Is the normal pain associated with a condition that the doctor or dentist didn’t create also considered Suffering? (Perhaps we should sue them for the pain I experience every time we read those ads.) Notice that they’re not asking if you’ve been damaged by your doctor’s direct and negligent actions. They’re specifically planting the seed on suffering.

Now think back to the recent state court cases, where the courts have refused to allow a cap on awards for Pain and Suffering, and you’ll soon know why they’re going that route… and why doctors are giving up their practices and moving on to other careers. The money is certainly a large part of it (gotta have enough income to pay the bills,) but the feeling one gets from being falsely accused of causing unnecessary pain and suffering is often be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. After all, people become physicians to alleviate pain and suffering, not to be the cause of it. Why am I bothering to do all of this when it’s not appreciated, is a thought that runs through a doctor’s mind all too often when they get sued. If this country wants capable, caring physicians and dentists, it had better start protecting them from unscrupulous greedy lawyers and their clients by passing and reaffirming tort reform laws.

No matter how you look at it, frivolous lawsuits are driving doctors out of practice. Since the courts won’t stand against this greedy bullying, it’s up to us to do so. One of the best, most cost-effective ways to avoid frivolous lawsuits, Internet defamation, and unwarranted demands for refunds, is to get and keep a membership with Medical Justice. Those lawyers are bully predators. They only want prey that will roll over and pay. When you show them you’re willing to fight back, they quickly decide there are easier marks.

Give yourself the peace of mind that Medical Justice Membership provides. There are no guarantees in life, but Medical Justice Membership can go a long ways towards reducing the risks and getting a good night’s sleep. It’s good for you, your staff, and for your honest patients as well.