In these tight economic times, no one is immune from the pressures to reduce costs. Major corporations are looking for ways to save money anywhere they can. Airlines are cutting even such seemingly trivial expenses as peanuts on domestic flights and charging ‘extra’ premiums on just about everything. In some ways, the medical profession stands unique and alone. It’s simply not acceptable to reduce the quality of care to save a buck or two. A doctor cannot afford to cut corners when lives are on the line. But there are ways to cut costs.

Just as being proactive about one’s health can reduce costs and suffering by eliminating the problems before they occur or escalate, physicians can lower their expenses with a proactive approach. One of the most sensible and affordable ways to do that is a membership in Medical Justice. Like a few other things in the business world, a Medical Justice membership doesn’t actually cost money. It saves money. Here’s how:

Right off the top, being a member of Medical Justice has been shown to reduce the percentage of frivolous medical malpractice claims. As you may know, just the allegation itself can be devastating to a practice. Damage to reputation from libelous statements, Internet defamation, etc. can easily cost a practice far more than a Medical Justice membership each year. Medical Justice members enjoy a number of protections to reduce that exposure. Perhaps more importantly, trial attorneys that file medical malpractice suits are put on notice. When they find out that you’ve got Medical Justice on your side, they know that you can and will fight back. Medical Justice may even file a counterclaim against proponents of frivilous suits if the case merits it! With that in mind, most opportunistic attorneys decide it’s better to move on to easier pickings. But that’s not where it stops.

Membership in Medical Justice puts you in a special position with certain insurance carriers as well. Even if your carrier isn’t associated with Medical Justice yet, the other benefits of a Medical Justice membership help keep your rates low by protecting you from rate increases. A practice which has had suits filed against it is going to pay more for insurance, because the carrier is responsible for the costs of defense attorneys, even if they never pay out one red cent in damages.

When the times get tough, the tough get going. Don’t be more vulnerable to a frivolous lawsuit than you need to be — and be prepared to send the greedy packing if they do try to get into your pockets! Get in touch with Medical Justice. Find out how you can start saving money today!