Medical Justice is sensitive to the fact there are legitimate claims by patients who have been harmed by negligent care. But the fact remains that the majority of medical malpractice cases are ultimately deemed without merit. We harness the principles of medicine, law, and business to defeat dishonest plaintiffs, unethical medical malpractice attorneys, and unscrupulous expert witnesses.

Medical Justice Members are licensed to use Medical Justice’s intellectual property; deterring meritless legal actions, creating a critical practice infrastructure to strengthen the future use of legal remedies should a frivolous suit be pursued.

When a claim is made against a member physician, Medical Justice activates an early action strategy. Not infrequently, this facet is enough to persuade the plaintiff to drop a meritless case.

If a frivolous case proceeds to court and results in a win for the physician, it is reviewed by other Medical Justice Members in the same field of practice to determine whether the medical testimony violated professional ethical standards. If the answer is yes, Medical Justice directly pursues sanctions in extralegal venues. This benefit inures not only to the member in question, but also to all members, by preventing unethical parties from causing future harm to others. Medical Justice will also, if warranted, allocate up to $100,000 to pursue counterclaims against the proponents of a frivolous lawsuit.

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