Jeff Segal, MD, JD, FACS

The race to the bottom is accelerating. A new web site recently came to our attention. (We aren’t naming the site because we don’t want to direct any more traffic to the site than it deserves, which is ZERO. So we shall refer to it as thesitethatdeservesnottobenamed.)

One of our dentist members received an email from thesitethatdeservesnottobenamed bringing a post on that site to his attention. How thesitethatdeservesnottobenamed got the doctor’s email address is anyone’s guess.

OK. The details. The poster alleged the dentist sexually molested his wife while she was sedated. As the husband was likely not in the treatment room, I am curious as to how he came to this conclusion. Further, no police report was filed. Nor was any complaint filed with the Dental Board. Hmmm.

Molesting patients in the dental chair must be an epidemic. Another recent post on thesitethatdeservesnottobenamed details a Canadian dentist “sexually assaulted” the patient.

And petty crime apparently finds a home in every doctor’s office. “Dr. XXX stole from my purse when I went to the toilet.”

Coincidentally, advertising on the web site, is another company (which also deserves no additional recognition) – touting the ability to solve such complaints by posters. For a mere $500, give or take, they will get in the middle. They will “contact” the poster and work to resolve the issue. Hmmm – how convenient.

I can only imagine that resolution of criminal sexual assault in the dentist’s chair would be an easy task for a mediator. Perhaps it was all a misunderstanding and the patient, once aware of the details, would agree to a token settlement.

On their face, these complaints seem silly. But, human nature being what it is, not all patients will understand just how ridiculous they are. Some subset of the population will believe them just because the Web said so.

Welcome to 2011. What are your thoughts on this?