We search the web every day for interesting, relevant or unusual stories that would be of interest to physicians or could have an impact on their practices. This headline caught our eye;

Guess the Verdict to Support Your Favorite Charity

A New York personal injury law firm is running a contest – they give you the description of an actual personal injury or malpractice case and you guess the settlement. The closest guess to the actual settlement wins an iPad2.

No one at Medical Justice has a problem with raising money for charity. We applaud and support the efforts to help the less fortunate. But trivializing medical malpractice cases is a disturbing event. And one that sheds light on the mind set behind frivolous lawsuits.

Plaintiff attorneys defend their actions behind a stance of self-righteousness; this case isn’t about the money, it’s about what is right. Really? How about when we make a game of the process? What’s next? Spin the wheel and that’s what we will sue for!

It is said that actions speak louder than words. When personal injury law firms treat medical malpractice settlements as a game; aren’t they really telling us that it really is about the money.