Leveraging Patient Reviews with eMerit and Medical Justice

Step 3: Keep collecting. Keep posting. Keep prospering. 

If a practice surveys patients regularly, you’ll benefit from a stream of new review content. Over time, reviews collected bolster your online reputation. New patients will like what they see online. And returning patients are more likely to trust their friends, neighbors, and family members to your care. In other words – referrals go up.

We’ve helped many doctors develop their online reputations. Linked below are testimonies from three of our long-time members. Each utilizes the platform differently, but all have benefited from integrating the service into their practices.


What matters to my practice – and how eMerit delivers:

The speed, volume and consistency of patient feedback ensures our high standards for quality are met and exceeded.

New physician hires are busy from day one…


Susan Hardwick-Smith, MD, is  the Medical Director for Complete Women’s Care Center in Houston, TX.

Before eMerit, she was a solo practitioner in a new city, literally marketing door-to-door to other physicians for new patients. The internet was an afterthought.

After eMerit, she directs a prosperous practice with 15 practitioners. 6,000+ patient reviews online. In her own words, “It’s the best marketing decision I’ve ever made.”

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Her biggest challenge now? Her parking lot may be too small.


What matters to my practice – and how eMerit delivers:

eMerit expands my patient catchment area beyond local – this increases new patient volume and revenue…

Focus on 1st opinion cases. After we’ve met, I invite patients to look me up online and read about my practice…


Joseph Stern, MD, is a neurosurgeon practicing at Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Associates – the largest private practice neurosurgical group in the country.

Before eMerit, he was skeptical of online patient reviews. His impression was satisfied patients didn’t take time to post reviews. At the time, a fair number of patients saw Dr. Stern for a second opinion only.

After eMerit, Dr. Stern found it personally rewarding to use a platform enabling patients to post feedback while in my office. He’s received several Top Doctor awards, seen a significant increase in 1st opinion cases. His O.R. schedule is consistently full.

Over the years, of new patients referred by friends and family, 60% validated their decision online before scheduling a visit.percent validated stern e1424877686733

His biggest challenge now? Preventing “competitors” from catching on to eMerit. And his chance of being mislabeled online?

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Plastic Surgeon

What matters to my practice – and how eMerit delivers:

eMerit drives a fair, representational online narrative defined by 100s of mostly happy patients…

eMerit provide patients an easy and anonymous tool for constructive feedback…


Eric M. Joseph, MD, is a dual-board-certified ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon in practicing in West Orange, NJ.

Before eMerit, his practice had a small footprint in a highly competitive arena. Happy patients promised to post online, often didn’t. A small number of patients fully controlled his online presence.

After eMerit, his practice draws patients nationally and internationally. Online presence is his dominant marketing program, which I manage with precision with tools like eMerit. Patients reviews are a blessing.

How do new patients find Dr. Joseph?percent internet joseph e1424876971858

His biggest challenge now? How to manage his expanding practice.

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