Leveraging Patient Reviews with eMerit and Medical Justice

Step 1: Survey patients at your practice.

Patient reviews can become a doctors greatest marketing assets. Your practice is the best place to collect them. But why is this? Simply put – your practice is where the doctor-patient relationship develops. You administer treatment at your practice. You conduct follow-up visits at your practice. You render high-quality care at your practice.

Consider the advantage of approaching every patient and handing him a survey tool that is professional, powerful, and private.

Our survey tool takes the shape of any internet-enabled device at your practice – tablet devices work great. Doctors survey patients when they know it’s the right time to ask for feedback. The practice decides who is surveyed, when, and how often.

The review collection process is as simple as handing an iPad to a trusted patient and asking him, “Could you please let us know how we’re doing?”

Consider this critical point – patient reviews cannot help market your practice if they cannot be read online. That’s why our platform specializes in uploading patient experiences to top sites.

Our upload rate is unparalleled – we post 99% of reviews collected.

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