Leveraging Patient Reviews with eMerit and Medical Justice

Step 2: Upload Patient Reviews Automatically to the Best Doctor Review Sites

We said it before, and it bears repeating – the most sought after doctor review websites offer patients libraries of free review content about you. They also trend well within the internet’s most popular search engines. When a patient looks for doctor reviews, what they find is published on these websites.

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But they’ll find reviews posted to other websites as well, which is why we auto-post reviews you collect to a dozen Google page-one websites.

But why upload patient reviews to so many websites? If patients provide positive feedback, it’s a doctor’s disadvantage to hole everything up in one place – even if that place is Google.

In the event a website retires or the company supporting them dissolves, your reviews will disappear.

By populating the web with patient reviews, you’ll benefit from a chorus of patients singing your praises.

Plus, it looks great when you gain momentum. Here are two member doctors currently benefiting from this program.

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How do patient reviews get online?

That’s what your account manager is for – they ensure every review you collect goes somewhere meaningful. Which website a review posts to depends on how a patient completes our survey. It is likely your survey results will post in near real-time.

What about negative patient reviews?

Everything you collect, we post. We do not filter.

But your account manager studies every review you collect, and if we catch something unfavorable, we’ll notify you as soon as possible. And if you’d like to take defensive action, our communication experts will help you craft a HIPAA compliant response, allowing you to defend your practice while respecting the publisher’s privacy.