Few times are harder on a physician than the beginnings. Medical Residency is hell, med school is full of fears of not making the grade, and all the loans to repay prey on one’s mind. Medical Justice would like to make those years a bit less stressful. We’re offering complimentary annual memberships to all medical students, residents and fellows. That’s correct, young doctors, absolutely free, through 3 months past your completion date. During that time, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a Medical Justice membership gratis, our welcome gift to you.

Medical Justice knows how important it is to establish strong, safe practices. A membership in Medical Justice is protection, but it’s also an education in how to protect yourself. A proactive approach against frivolous lawsuits, Internet defamation and unwarranted demands for refunds is foundational to a smooth-running successful practice.

The first bricks of that foundation are a Medical Justice membership. Through that membership, you’ll learn some of the important steps to avoid becoming a victim of a baseless suit, and how to address the allegations before they damage to your professional reputation. What’s more, you’ll have Medical Justice by your side, should you need to defend against an unjust allegation!

These are tough times to start out in the medical profession. We congratulate the new doctors, welcome them, and invite them to take us up on this valuable offer. New doctors and their institutions and instructors, contact Medical Justice to arrange for that FREE Medical Justice membership today!

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