Kathy and Paul Leodler run the Rampart Group, a security consulting and investigations company. Kathy Leodler is a former FBI agent who retired after a distinguished 23-year career. Paul Leodler served in local law enforcement for 16 years and has over 40 years security and investigative experience.

They have assisted many doctors. They’ve seen it all. Angry patients. Family members who are exploding – metaphorically. Employees who want the practice to know who’s the “real boss.” They understand security at the highest level – including security nuisances to crises specific to medical practices. Most patient interactions are conflict free – but not all. Some can be deadly. Preparation is key.

We have a lot to talk about – so much we have split our podcast into two episodes. This episode is dedicated to the first half-hour of our conversation. Stay tuned for Part II, to be released soon. What are we covering in Part II? We’ve give you a hint – concealed weapons in the medical practice. Don’t miss it. 

Use the liner notes below to quickly navigate to the topics that interest you the most.

0:00 – 4:00: Introducing Kathy, Paul, and the Rampart Group…

4:00 – 8:40: “Why should doctors think about security before there’s a dangerous crisis?”

8:40 – 14:40: “What is the one security exercise 99% of doctors never consider – but actually makes a huge difference?”

14:40 – 17:55: “How should doctors deal with patients who respect the doctor – but abuse staff members?”

17:55 – 22:45: “Why should doctors background check potential employees? What are the consequences of not doing background checks? What kind of vendors can doctors trust to perform these checks?”

22:45 – 27:10: Doctors want to avoid hiring employees with “money problems.” The reason: An employee with money problems may be tempted to embezzle money. How can doctors use credit checks to vet these candidates? And if an employee does embezzle money, what should doctors do?

27:10END: How can doctors use background checks to vet candidates for drug abuse?


Office: 800.421.0614

email: kathy.l@rampartgroup.com


Kathys Bio

KATHY LEODLER is founder and CEO of Rampart Group LLC, Seattle,
Washington, a security consulting and investigations company founded in 2011.
Before establishing the Rampart Group, Ms. Leodler had a distinguished 23
year Federal law enforcement career as an FBI Special Agent and Acting
Special Agent in Charge of one of the FBI’s top 12 field offices in San Diego,
CA. Post FBI retirement and prior to establishing the Rampart Group, Ms.
Leodler served as Chief Security Officer for a US based high net worth family;
Director of Security for a global medical technology company with offices on
five continents and in 120 countries; and as Director of Anti-Piracy investigations
for the Recording Industry Association of America-West Coast. In 2016
she served as a trainer with the US Department of Justice Fair and Impartial
Law Enforcement Program. In 2017 Ms. Leodler was named as a Director,
Timberland Bank Board of Director’s where she continues to serve.

Ms. Leodler’s combined law enforcement investigative experience, global
resource network and security expertise spanning over 34 years has also
gained her great respect and acknowledgment from numerous law firm clients
and corporate clients alike. Since the company’s formation, Ms. Leodler and
the Rampart team have assisted law firm clients in achieving approximately
$30 million in civil settlements in personal injury, sexual harassment, wrongful
death, wrongful termination, product liability, premise liability and medical
malpractice cases.

Ms. Leodler is often called upon by the TV news media to comment on
several significant security related topics such as school shootings, the dangers
of online dating, cyber identity protection and more. She is frequently invited
to speak at public events and business meetings. Ms. Leodler and her business
partner, Paul Leodler, have trained over 12,000 persons in active shooter
survival, bank robbery survival, pharmacy robbery survival, workplace violence
prevention, security awareness, crisis management, business continuity, implicit
bias prevention and workplace investigations.

Throughout her professional career, she has been a member of the Society of
Former FBI Special Agents; FBI Agents Association; International Security
Managers Association (ISMA); ASIS; US Department of State Overseas
Security Advisory Council (OSAC)-Bureau of Diplomatic Security; International
Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP); Washington Association of Legal Investigators
(WALI); Washington State Association for Justice (WSAJ) Associate
Member; Washington State Paralegals Association (WSPA); Oregon Association
of Licensed Investigators; Private Investigators of California Association; CA
Association of Hostage Negotiators (CAHN); Maritime Security Council; FBI
InfraGuard; Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA); Chamber
of Commerce; Worldwide Who’s Who, and Soroptimist International.

Pauls Bio

PAUL LEODLER is the Executive Vice President and Co-Owner of
Rampart Group LLC, and has over 40 years security and investigative
experience. He served 16 years in public law enforcement, first as a Deputy
Sheriff, Ascension Parish, Louisiana, and later as a Police Officer and
Sergeant with the Houston Police Department (HPD).

During his service in local law enforcement, Paul served in many roles
including tours in the HPD Internal Affairs Division where he conducted
police corruption investigations, and the Narcotics Division where he served
on a joint drug task force with the FBI charged with investigating international
drug trafficking and money laundering.

Paul’s private sector experience includes 9 years as Director of Global Security
with a Fortune 50 medical products and services company where he was
responsible for ensuring the security of all operations in the Western US, Latin
America, Middle East and Southeast Asia, a region employing approximately
12,000 people in pharmaceutical and medical products distribution centers,
medical device manufacturing plants, research and development facilities and
nuclear pharmacies that manufacture and distribute radiological medicines.
His role required development of policy and implementation of procedures
covering security related issues. He served as a resource for operations management
and was engaged in crisis response, workplace violence intervention
and business continuity planning. He inspected and audited facilities and
supply chains, performed critical incident analysis, conducted workplace and
criminal investigations and designed security systems for high risk operations.

Paul has extensive private sector security management experience in a variety
of roles. He has developed and led executive security details in the US and
abroad for celebrities, business executives and senior government officials and
has organized security for events in excess of 10,000 attendees in venues to
include Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, Chicago, Orlando
and Washington DC. He is a widely recognized trainer and key note speaker
on the topics of Kidnap Avoidance, Robbery Survival, Workplace Violence,
Active Shooter Response and Workplace Investigations and has provided
security training for high net worth families, corporations, trade associations
and universities. He is a member of ASIS (American Society of Industrial
Security), US Dept. of State Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC),
Chamber of Commerce, And Washington Association of Legal Investigators
(WALI). He holds a BS in Criminal Justice from Louisiana State University.

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