2020 Summary of Membership Benefits


Deterrence Against Frivolous Lawsuits

Deter Frivolous Lawsuits

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Our members enjoy a significantly lower suit rate than the general population (0.5-2%/yr versus 8-10%/yr).

Early Action Against Frivolous Lawsuits

Early Action

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The objective of the Early Action Program is to assist in getting cases dropped sooner rather than later.  Since our advent, we have supported thousands of cases with our Early Action Program.  Medical Justice follows procedures to avoid compromising a case while the case is pending.  Defense counsel approves timing and use of the Program to gain the best impact for the defense.

Counterclaims Against Frivolous Lawsuits


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Over the years we have taken action against experts and trial attorneys many times. Included in this was having an expert fired from his position as executive in managed care organization for providing egregious testimony against a pediatrician.

Medical Justice PEER Program


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Members are provided with volunteer defense experts to help defendant in the eyes of a jury.  Also available for chart reviews.

Medico-Legal HOTLINE


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Unlike traditional attorneys’ we work on an “hour-less” rate. We’re the first call our members make when there’s a whiff of medico-legal headache. Our team consists of seasoned lawyers and MD’s/JD’s that know how to get you back focusing on your practice.



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Service addresses unjustified demands for refunds and credit card charge-backs by patients.  The goal is to resolve issues without escalation into a courtroom or onto the Internet.

Protection Against Internet Defamation

Internet Defamation

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This has been and still is an emerging threat.  The attacks on a doctor’s reputation come from disgruntled patients and those posing as patients.  We continuously scan multiple Rating Sites for each Practice Member/Corporate entity – alerting you of new Internet postings.   A report of all activity is sent alerting you to take action such as responding in a HIPAA complaint manner. Further, dilute those occasional negatives through a simple collection & posting process designed to deputize your patient’s voice.

Accretion of Retroactive Coverage Over Time

Coverage Over Time

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This is our 19th year ensuring you are protected.  Your past coverage is accrued while you maintain your Membership.

Access to Exclusive Medico-Legal Resources

Exclusive Resources

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Each member has a personal Member-Only Page on our Website.  The site contains documents, training videos, summaries of detected online reviews, actions to resolve and other insight concerning your practice. 

Protection Plans

Medical Justice provides three Protection Plans. 

All Protection Plans include the 9 key benefits described above.

Additional plan specific benefits are described below.

Perspective Core

9 Key Benefits

Unlimited Monitoring of Online Reviews

Responding to 3 Negative
Reviews Annually

Starting at $950/year

Perspective Impact

9 Key Benefits

Monitoring with Near
Real-time Alerts

Collect & Post 40 Reviews to
Major Medical Sites Annually

Starting at $1,295/year

Perspective Primer

9 Key Benefits

Unlimited Negative Review Management

Unlimited Collection & Posting of Reviews

Starting at $3,960/year

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