It is said that the best defense is a good offense. While this axiom of warriors may not be the first inclination of gentile healers, the trial lawyers and other opportunists have made a good offense a necessary part of survival in the medical profession. The proactive approach is foundational to mitigating risks in this litigious time and society. In short, you’ve got to be a step or two ahead of the greedy few to keep them at bay. And taking steps to prevent the case from ever being filed in the first place is the best way to avoid the disruption of your practice, as well as the risks and other expenses inherent in a medical malpractice suit, no matter how frivolous it may be. Since 95% of all doctors will probably be sued for malpractice at some time in their career, it’s a wise move to ensure that you minimize the impact of that suit.

Those who have already suffered the misfortune of a frivolous lawsuit are quick to tell how devastating it can be. Not only is it an affront on a personal level that can damage the doctor’s confidence, but it is also a huge drain on time and energy to respond to the allegations. Both the doctor and staff must take precious time away from patients to pour through records in preparation for the defense. It’s not even about the money. The attorney’s fees and any judgment will likely be paid by the insurance company. But the disruption and the damage to reputation, these are a cost incurred by the allegation alone, whether the case is heard in court or not! Even when the case is obviously frivolous, it can still impact a doctor’s insurance rates and potential earnings, so physicians have no choice but to defend vigorously against such allegations.

The best way to achieve that is through a proactive approach. Medical Justice’ methods are proven, demonstrated to dramatically reduce the incidents of filing. Medical Justice Members have reported that these techniques and their membership alone have stopped a lawsuit dead in its tracks. When the attorney finds out that the doctor is a Medical Justice Member, they drop the inquiry right there on the spot. The member is spared all the agonizing, the time spent on depositions, and preparations for defense. There is no better way to rid oneself of the unjust burden of baseless allegations.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Ask Medical Justice Members. There are ample testimonies, freely offered, from doctors who came to Medical Justice seeking relief, and found what they were hoping for. These members aren’t likely to be leaving the ranks any time soon. They know firsthand what a tremendous value Medical Justice is.

Find out for yourself just how affordable this peace of mind is. These honed and proven methods make all the difference in the world. Contact a Medical Justice representative today. Learn about the proactive approach of Medical Justice, and see just how much (and how many ways) you can save!