By now, holiday libations are a fading memory, and the time has come to buckle down and get back to work in this new year. There will be ample challenges ahead for each of us. While there has been positive motion in the past year, it seems there’s always more to come.

New Year’s Resolutions are often forgotten when the first week of that new year commences. Though made with the best of intents, we simply become too busy, too embroiled in the day to day aspects, or too distracted by new events, to focus upon them and turn them into meaningful changes. But those resolutions were worthwhile, and deserve a fair attempt. Whether yours was to lose weight, be more conscientious about getting ample sleep, to be more considerate of others, to put away more savings, to be more careful about something… no matter what it may be, we can all benefit from a few strategically placed reminders.

Perhaps it’s a note on the refrigerator (or cabinet door, if you tend to munch on dry snacks.) Perhaps it’s a note on your desk… or a Post-It on your computer monitor. Maybe it’s a change in your outgoing voicemail that reminds you and others to MAKE this a great day. Whatever it is, make it a concise and powerful reminder, and determine in your mind not to allow it to fade into a meaningless expression. Repeat it to yourself, aloud or in your mind, when you see that reminder.

Then comes the implementation. There will be myriad excuses. You don’t have time now, you’ll do it later. Unless you are relentless, Later never comes. It joins the list of things that never got done at the end of the day, the list of things you’ll do Tomorrow. So don’t allow that Later. Do it NOW — right now, while you’re thinking of it (ER doctors on duty and surgeons in the OR excepted). Your existing routines will come later, like it or not. Until you make your resolutions part of your new routine, you’ll have to be tough about paying heed to the reminders you’ve given yourself. But don’t worry, once they become part of your routine, they’ll be done as automatically as the rest of the status quo. Voila, resolution accomplished!

We here at Medical Justice have a few resolutions of our own. On an individual basis, they’re likely not much different than yours. Collectively, we’re resolved to increase our efforts, to work all the more tirelessly to help you defend your practice against unwarranted attacks. We’re working on new ways to protect your reputation, new services and partnerships that will benefit existing members, while offering more physicians the kind of protection that only Medical Justice Membership provides. Did you know there’s a refer-a-colleague program that will give both you and your friend a free month of MJ services when they sign on? We’re committed to improving and broadening the benefits and services we offer. Stay tuned for new benefits in the year ahead!

Here’s wishing all of you all the very best in the year to come — both in what the future holds, and in the gifts we give ourselves as we keep our New Year’s Resolutions!