Dr. Reinaldo de los Heros was practicing as a psychiatrist in Maine.  

On October 10, 2017, the Board of Medicine suspended his license for 30 days. (He had multiple interactions with multiple Boards of Medicine throughout the years. For example, in 1999, he pleaded guilty in Massachusetts for Medicaid fraud and grand larceny.) 

On August 31, Dr. de los Heros was evaluating a female patient – presumably in his office. During this evaluation, a male prison inmate called the woman.  

From the Board’s record: 

“During the telephone call, Dr. de los Heros discusses issuing prescriptions both for the female and for the male, knowing that he was in jail. Dr. de los Heros acknowledges in the call that the prescription he issues for the controlled substance Adderall for the incarcerated male patient was early.”  

The doctor had not examined the inmate, yet agreed to write him a prescription. 

The inmate had not yet his exhausted his existing prescription for a controlled substance, yet the doctor agreed to write the inmate a prescription. 

Finally, according to medical board records, Dr. de los Heros wrote in the medical record he had met with this same patient in his office. 

The Board concluded

It is of great concern that the information received reflects that Dr. de los Heros issued a prescription on August 31, 2017, for the controlled substance Adderall to a patient knowing that the patient was in jail, and then falsified the patient’s medical record by documenting that he had seen the patient on that date for a 25 minute office visit. 

It’s not clear how the Board even learned of this matter. In the future, the definition of chutzpah might include a picture of Dr. de los Heros.

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