Practices are reopening. Patients want safety. Your practice is safe.

But how do you convince patients?

Your answer to this question determines whether you hit the ground running or restart with one leg in the mud. Here’s a fact: The money you spend protecting patients during the COVID-19 pandemic is not an expense. It is a marketing investment.

If you go the extra mile to protect your patients, they’ll notice. They’ll tell friends and family that “Dr. X made me feel safe.” The key to turning those good feelings into revenue for your practice? Patient reviews. Empowering patients to share their outcomes online creates a ripple effect. Patients return to you because they know you prioritize their safety. New patients are drawn to your practice because of the positive outcomes shared online. 

We provide member doctors with several methods of review collection. We publish reviews collected to top review sites. Our rate of successful uploads is 99%. And our new texting-based system facilitates survey collection following a telemedicine visit or a phone call. Our methods are reliable, HIPAA and TCPA compliant, and adapt to social distancing guidelines.

Want to hit the ground running? We prescribe two actions.

Action 1: Request an analysis of your online reputation.

Our comprehensive analysis will organize your online reviews into one easy-to-read report. This will tell you whether patients perceive your practice favorably or unfavorably. The goal is to determine where you excel and where opportunities for future growth lie in wait. 

Action 2: Request a consultation with our experts.

There’s a lot to unpack. COVID-19 begs for consent forms specific to the pandemic. And with standard of care guidelines changing daily, healthcare is ripe for a med-mal tsunami. Access to seasoned advisors will help identify unseen shortcomings. For a limited time, Medical Justice is offering complimentary consultations specific to COVID-19 obstacles.