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Think all professional liability brokers provide the same service? Guess again? You want someone who has access to the majority of carriers –  including surplus lines if you have a challenging record. Further, you want seasoned experts guiding you on the nuts and bolts of the different offerings. We have had tough conversations with clients who learned their carrier went belly up. And these carriers were not admitted to provide insurance in the state, so there’s no access to a backup guaranty fund.

The time to learn this is not after you’ve been sued. It’s before you make the purchase. What about consent to settle? Hammer clauses? Other add-ons, like cyberliability coverage? Employment practices liability coverage? Umbrella coverage? If you work with a talented broker, they will guide you on all this, and more. And frequently, the cost to you is LESS.

Jeff Segal bio1

Jeffrey Segal, MD, JD

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Dr. Jeffrey Segal is a board-certified neurosurgeon. In the process of conceiving, funding, developing, and growing Medical Justice, Dr. Segal has established himself as one of the country’s leading authorities on medical malpractice issues, counterclaims, and internet-based assaults on reputation.

Dr. Segal is also a partner at Byrd Adatto, a national business and health care law firm. With over 50 combined years of experience in serving doctors, dentists, and other providers, Byrd Adatto has a national pedigree to address most legal issues that arise in the business and practice of medicine.