This is part II of Rating Sites Sometimes Err on the Side of the Worst Possible Interpretation

Jeff Segal, MD, JD, FACS

Doctor B.’s record was blemished on a separate rating site. The blemish: “Doctor B. was sanctioned in the past”; sanction being defined as actions taken to punish or restrict physicians who have demonstrated professional misconduct. Ouch.

The state licensing board had two conflicting statements about Dr. B. on its site. (a) Disciplinary action or corrective action history exists; and (b) voluntarily surrendered license – non-disciplinary. Huh? These two statements seem logically inconsistent. The back story: Dr. B. just never renewed his license as he was practicing in another state.

Nothing nefarious. But the rating site refused to change its rating for weeks until the Medical Board corrected its website.

Medical Justice was instrumental in persuading both the Board and the rating site to correct their respective records. The happy ending: “[Rating site] has received verbal confirmation from the Licensing Board today that the information they posted on their website was incorrect. [Rating site] has removed that information from our website.”

Welcome to the new world.

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