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Medical Justice has been protecting doctors from frivolous litigation since 2002. It is our duty and our privilege to protect the livelihoods entrusted to us. As of today, Medical Justice has helped over 12,000 physicians across the U.S. The state of Florida is particularly onerous. In June 2017, the Florida Supreme Court ruled tort reform protections were unconstitutional. 

And that means one thing – the average payout for a malpractice case will go up. 

With our pioneering combination of medico-legal expertise, resources, and medical reputation management services, we deliver as seasoned advisors and formidable advocates. Medical Justice gets frivolous medical malpractice suits dropped.

Spend a few minutes with us and discover how membership protects what’s important to good medical practice – and does away with that’s detrimental.

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Client Quotes

“What Medical Justice did for me was something my med-mal carrier could not do: it made me no longer fear my patients.”

–  J. Crutchfield, M.D., FACS


“I am very happy with your support and services. I can now practice good medicine with peace of mind.”

– Dr. R. Hinojos, Family Practice


“I’m so impressed with [Medical]/Dental Justice. Thank you for being so prompt and forthcoming with information. Life in the dental office is stressful enough with these ‘low level disputes.’ You have given me peace of mind.”

– C.S., Connecticut Gentle Dental Care

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“Thanks for all you do. You provide peace of mind in an arena that you would think would not be possible.”

– Dr. R. P., Surgeon

Physician’s Shield

This is the core prospective program that deals with medico-legal issues that arise from medical events that may occur in the future.

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Physicians Shield PPC


Pursuit of counterclaims against expert witnesses in their professional societies and state licensing boards…

Allocation of up to $100,000 to pursue viable counterclaims, when requested and appropriate…

Proactive early action strategy that can be executed in the event you are sued for medical malpractice…

Example of Benefit:

The Physician’s Shield plan is purchased by a surgeon today. The surgeon performs an appendectomy in three months, and is sued six months later. The surgeon has protection.

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Add-on Protections:

Add-on protections include all features of the Physician’s Shield plan…


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PS Retro


This retroactive protection deals with medical events in the past that have not yet become the basis of an open medical malpractice suit.

Example of Benefit:

A doctor purchases Physician’s Shield and RETRO plan today. The doctor performed an appendectomy five months ago, and is sued six months from today. The doctor has protection.

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RETRO protection is a one-time purchase and requires the purchase of Physician’s Shield.

PE Lite

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RetroPE Lite 1


Designed to give near-term benefits for the physician at an economical rate, PE Lite maximizes the likelihood that a frivolous case will be dropped and the physician dismissed from the case, sooner than later.

PE Lite provides tactical measures to notify the plaintiff’s attorney, explaining the potential ramifications for pursuing a meritless case. PE Lite does not include the countersuit plan for pre-existing suits (PE Shield).

Example of Benefit:

A doctor with an existing medical malpractice suit (or intent to sue) purchases Physician’s Shield, RETRO, and PE Lite protection today. The doctor performed an appendectomy three months ago, and has a pre-existing suit with notice of intent to sue.

The doctor would have protection for the pre-existing suit plus any new suit arising from past or future medical events addressed by the Physician’s Shield and RETRO plans.

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PE Lite is a one-time purchase and requires the purchase of all three plans: Physician’s Shield, RETRO, and PE Lite.

PE Shield

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RetroPE Shield


This add-on protection deals with medical events that occurred in the past that are currently the nature of an open medical malpractice suit. PE Shield provides early action tactics plus potential services including counterclaims down the road.

Example of Benefit:

A doctor purchases the Physician’s Shield, RETRO, and PE Shield protection today. The doctor has an open case that has a trial date beyond 60 days from purchase. The doctor would receive the protections of the early action program (PE Lite), plus the counter-claim program included with PE Shield.

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PE Shield is a one-time purchase and requires the purchase of all three plans: Physician’s Shield, RETRO, and PE Shield


Protection against frivolous lawsuits and damage to your good name

Approximately 85% of intent-to-sue notifications that Medical Justice members face are dismissed before escalating to lawsuit status.*

Medical Justice makes your practice’s protection complete. We work tirelessly to neutralize frivolous lawsuits quickly with the goal of reducing your overall risk of legal claims. After all, prevention is always preferable to a painful cure. For those lawsuits not halted, we’re with you for the long haul. What’s more, we offer the most complete suite of services dedicated to managing your online reputation – completing the sphere of protection for your practice.

*Ohio and California data


Leadership to address the specific medico-legal issues physicians face

At any moment, there are up to 60,000 open medical malpractice cases – though four out of five are deemed to have no merit.

As the proven leader in medico-legal issues for doctors, we’re the first call our members make when a question or problem arises. Founded by doctors exclusively for fellow doctors, we’ve been leading the way for over ten years. We take your protection further because we know what it means for doctors like you. After all, we’re deeply rooted in the medical world ourselves.


Results our members count on for the health and prosperity of their practices

“I was not dropped from the suit until my defense attorney received the Medical Justice letter and called the plaintiff attorney and described the letter. A dismissal was filed with the court the next day. Thanks Medical Justice!”

Mike Ritter, MD, Emergency Medicine, CA

When our members call on us, we deliver. Medico-legal issues and challenges to your reputation often arise with the same urgency as medical problems. We respond quickly to our members’ needs with genuine solutions to real concerns and pressing issues. From deterrence and counterclaim support to guidance in taking the right steps for the overall health of your practice, positive outcomes are our specialty.

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