We often write about serious topics.


Not today.


I want to give a shout out to a site called Gomerblog.


GOMER is medical slang for a patient in the emergency room who is not in need of emergency services. For those of you not old enough to remember, it first appeared in widespread print in Samuel Shem’s book called House of God. GOMER is the acronym for Get Out of My Emergency Room. I learned this morning that gomere is a female gomer. Who knew?


Back to Gomerblog.


It bills itself as the Earth’s Finest Medical Satire and News. It’s certainly among the best. Here’s a sampling:


Uber Boston Announces New Services in Partnership with Ambulance Drivers.


Non-physician hospitals, The Web-MD and Wikipedia Clinic, to open in 5 major cities


Ophthalmologist Accidentally Agrees to See Inpatient Consult


Breaking News: Orthopedic Surgeon Completes 1000th Surgery with EBL of 50cc