If you’re like me, you’ve certainly heard of the Make a Wish Foundation.


What I did NOT know was the story of the man behind the Foundation – who he is and why he started it.


The man is Frank Shankwitz. He was a Arizona Highway Patrol Officer. Frank built the foundation from his heart, supporting himself and his family on his salary as an Arizona Highway Patrol Officer. He didn’t take a salary at Make-A-Wish because he wanted to ensure that every dollar contributed to the foundation went to the kids.


His Foundation has touched the lives of many children struggling with terminal conditions – as well as their families. The organization pays for wishes of children who are dying.


Someone recently asked, “Frank, after granting so many children’s wishes, what is your wish?”


His answer. “I would like to have my story told in a way that I could share it with my grandkids, so they could see that through our efforts, we made the world a little bit brighter.”


A documentary is being filmed about Frank’s life – so his story can be told.


The producer of the movie works down the hall from me. I knew nothing about this project until today. It’s being funded on the crowdfunding site – Indiegogo. I just donated. If the story moves you, please jump in. Any amount will help – whether it’s $1,000 or $1. This is Frank’s wish.


The link describing the project can be found at: http://igg.me/at/wishman/x/3380246