Predatory creatures are consistent, regardless of species. The mighty shark expects it prey to be paralyzed with fear. Punch it in the snout and it takes a big step backwards, backs away and moves on to easier targets. The simple fact is that both sharks and plaintiff’s malpractice lawyers are bullies. They pick on capable, well-intending doctors, encouraging patients to file lawsuit against someone that the patient would otherwise be thanking. Patients know that their doctors didn’t cause them to be sick or injured, and most believe their doctors are doing their best to make them well, ease their suffering. But if you give a trial lawyer a few minutes with them, the lawyer will turn the story around until it seems like the doctor was an insensitive, uncaring creep who was only there for the money. (Talk about projecting! They’re the ones who don’t care what damage they do to people, so long as they’re making a buck!)

What can a doctor do to fight back against such bullies? Treat them just like the predators they are. Stand up to them with the strength of knowledge and in confidence that you’ve done your level best for your patients. Make it clear that you’re not going to just roll over and pay them to go away out of fear that they’ll cause your insurance premiums to increase. (You really can’t afford to do that. Like any other extortionist, they won’t leave you alone until they’ve bled you dry if you begin succumbing to their tactics or giving in to their demands, and the allegation itself is already damaging to your reputation.) Instead, introduce ’em to your big brother and new best friend, Medical Justice.

Medical Justice offers its members strategies and tactics with proven results and the bully lawyers know it. Our programs build accountability into the equation – accountability for the proponents of frivolous lawsuits.

Check out these testimonials from Medical Justice Members:

“Approximately one month after signing on … the case was dropped. This alone was worth the cost and I look forward to an ongoing and long-term relationship with Medical Justice.” — Facial Plastic Surgeon

“Both claims are gone; no lawsuits filed, statutes of limitation ran out. Thanks.” — Neurosurgeon

“No case filed. Letter sent to me (from personal injury lawyer) apologizing for original letter re: intent to sue. Thank you.” — Otorhinolaryngologist

“Medical Justice was instrumental in getting my case dropped . Period!” — Urologist

And the results are in too:

  • 99.5% of physicians who fully implement Medical Justice protection never face a frivolous suit, year after year
  • 90% of intent to sue letters stopped cold, with 98% of our members never even receiving a summons

As you can see, membership in Medical Justice doesn’t cost, it pays — with plenty of interest on the investment! Don’t let the trial lawyers bully you around with threats to your income and reputation. Just the allegation alone is a huge disruption to your practice. Contact Medical Justice today and find out how affordable peace of mind can be.