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Why Our Founder Created Medical Justice for Doctors

How Do Attorneys Shake Down Doctors?

Some attorneys will go to unprofessional lengths to serve their clients. Often, these shakedown tactics come at the doctor’s expense. Maintain your guard. Don’t fall for these bluffs.

How Does a Malpractice Lawsuit Affect You?

Medical Justice Founder and CEO, Dr. Jeffrey Segal, describes what it was like for him, and how his experiences on the receiving end of a frivolous lawsuit shaped the way Medical Justice protects its clients today…

How Often Are Good Doctors Sued?

99% of surgeons will become embroiled in a malpractice lawsuit before age 65. Medical Justice exists to help those 99% navigate med-mal suits safely – by stopping them before they start.

What Services Does Medical Justice Offer Doctors?

Whether you’re expecting a lawsuit or already in the middle of one, Medical Justice can cover you. We’ve protected over 12,000 doctors from frivolous lawsuits by offering these three programs.

How Does Medical Justice Protect Doctors?

Medical Justice uses a combination of legal expertise and expert knowledge to protect its members from frivolous lawsuits and deescalate potentially toxic patient-doctor confrontations.

How Easily Can Patients Extort Doctors?

If your patient threatens to slam you on the internet if you don’t meet his demands, that can be construed as extortion.  Medical Justice protects its members from patients with ulterior motives.

How is Medical Justice Different from Professional Liability Carriers?

Medical Justice does three things; we deter frivolous cases before they become full-bodied lawsuits. We work to see cases already in progress dropped early. And when a case resolves, we help our clients address remedies.

My Ex-Employee Stole My Database to Start Their Practice

A trusted business partner stabbed our client in the back; by opening a competing practice across town. And she used patient data stolen from our client to market herself. When our client’s livelihood was threatened, he turned to us.

HIPAA Compliance for Doctors and Medical Practices – A Review

HIPAA regulations have changed considerably in the past 10 years. But what exactly has changed and what can doctors and medical practices do to protect themselves from penalties? Medical Justice discusses these issues.