You always knew it could happen. Statistically, you knew it WOULD happen sometime in your career. Now there’s a registered letter on your desk, from a law office, and you’re afraid to open it. You summon up the courage to read it, and find that a patient you’ve done your best for has decided to sue. As far as you recall, there wasn’t even a bad outcome, but you must’ve missed something, because there’s this letter on your desk informing you that they’ve been retained by your patient, and requiring records as part of their fact-finding. Now what?

In some ways, it’s the same as if you’d been involved in an auto accident. You contact your medical malpractice insurance carrier, right? But then what? What else?

If you’re a Medical Justice member, you’re already a lot better off than most of your peers. Just being a member of Medical Justice can send trial lawyers off in search of easier prey. And with Medical Justice, you’re not on your own with this one. Medical Justice staff will be able to advise you on the right steps to take. It’s very assuring to know that someone who knows the procedure is there alongside you, looking after your interests.

Your medical malpractice insurance company is going to pay for the attorney, because they have a vested interest in defending you. But that attorney may decide it’s cheaper to pay the claim than to fight it. Is that what you want?
So what’s the first thing to do? Call Medical Justice NOW and become a member. Then if you get served, you’ll have the best possible chance of dismissing the allegation before it even becomes a burden. Don’t wait until after you’ve been served and THEN go scrambling to figure out how to handle the situation. Get the good guys on your side now! Sign up for Medical Justice right now, today.