An excellent post from the MD Whistleblower blog.

How do you know if a lawyer is any good? Of course, they’ve all passed the bar, but now their profession is lowering it. While most of us strive for excellence, and raise our children to value this virtue, prominent legal educators are establishing a new quality intitiative for their profession. Who says that lawyers can’t reform themselves? Perhaps, we physicians can follow their bold example and raise the credentials of our pre-medical students. I’ll present the facts. You be the judge.

I have written a dozen posts on tort reform on this blog, which always generate spirited and adversarial retorts from attorneys and their supporters. They accuse me and other tort reform advocates of carrying water for insurance companies. They repeatedly point out that I know nothing about the legal system and are unqualified to opine on its flaws. They deride me when I argue that effective tort reform would reduce the practice of defensive medicine, despite the recent supportive conclusion of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. They deny that their fidelity to the status quo is related to any personal financial conflicts of interest. They maintain that the current system, while imperfect, is sound and just….”

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