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Medical Justice Prevents a Client from Igniting a Powder Keg Online

An attorney was determined to propel meritless litigation against an existing client. They used Yelp to gather followers. Our client turned to us to defuse the situation…

Medical Justice IDs Fake Reviews - and Removes Them

A client was blasted online by a troll posing as a patient. The troll’s goal? Damage our client’s business and reputation. Our communication experts worked with Google to remove the fake reviews…

A News Outlet Stole Our Client's Photos - Medical Justice Protected Her Reputation

An news outlet stole a client’s photographs and used them to promote an article that could have damaged her reputation. Medical Justice got the photographs removed, neutralizing the threat to our client’s reputation…

Medical Justice Helps a Doctor Build Her Online Reputation from Scratch

A client completed her residency. But because she was a new doctor, she struggled to stand out online. Medical Justice helped her grow her online reputation from scratch. Now, she leads the pack…

Medical Justice Protects Member Physician from Phony Expert Witness - Example 1

The defendant in this case is a plan member and a spine surgeon who was sued for issues related to placement of spinal instrumentation for a cervical fracture. The patient had no neurological deficits and the instrumentation was placed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Medical Justice Protects Member Physician from Phony Expert Witness - Example 2

Eleven physicians and a hospital were sued individually for care rendered to a patient with acute fulminant pancreatitis. This medical malpractice case had been terminated prior to purchase of Medical Justice membership.

Medical Justice Protects Member Physician from Phony Expert Witness - Example 3

A physician in Florida was sued for a missed diagnosis. He was not a member of Medical Justice at the time he was sued. Early in the case, testimony from the plaintiff’s expert suggested a strong case of obvious negligence and plaintiff’s counsel placed an initial value on the case of $300,000.


Medical Justice Protects Member Doctor from $300,000 Payout - Reducing It to $0

The defendant was a general surgeon who was not a plan member at the time the medical malpractice suit was filed. He presented to Medical Justice with an open case. This physician was being sued for failure to “fish out” a small gallstone that had dropped during a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The allegation was that the stone would serve as a nidus for infection.