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Medical Justice Offers Programs for Frivolous Lawsuit Protection, Online Reputation Management, Marketing, Security and Compliance.

Mitigate the Risk of Being Sued 

Respond to Existing Lawsuits

Control Public Online Perceptions

Respond to
and Leverage Reviews

Our Medical Justice Programs Include:

Lawsuit Deterrence

Reduce the risk of being named in a frivolous suit using our templates, documents, and recommended processes.

Early Action Response

Facilitates Doctor defendant being dropped from frivolous suit when they receive a Request for Records, Notice of Intent or Summons.

Counterclaim Support

Recourse for Doctor against any or all proponents of a frivolous lawsuit and recommended processes.

Patient Conflict Resolution

Address unjustified demands for refunds, credit card charge-backs, and other seeds for friction. Don’t let an unwarranted demand escalate into a lawsuit, board complaint, or internet headache.

Expert Witness

Have experienced talent help you vet and retain qualified witness to evaluate your case bolster your defense if you go to trial.

Web Anti-Defamation Program

Online monitoring, collection and posting of reviews, and proper response to negative reviews.

All of our Prospective Plans include the items above.
Choose the best plan for your practice.

Unlimited Monitoring of Online Reviews

Responding to 3 Negative
Reviews Annually

Starting at $950/year

Monitoring with Near
Real-time Alerts

Collect & Post 40 Reviews to
Major Medical Sites Annually

Starting at $1,295/year

Unlimited Negative Review Management

Unlimited Collection & Posting of Reviews

Starting at $3,960/year

Choose add-on services to respond to past events or existing lawsuits,
grow your business with reputation marketing, and more.

Are you looking for help related to a medical event in the past?

Are you involved in an open malpractice case?

Do you want to leverage online reviews to grow your practice?

“It is nice to have such a knowledgeable
resource at one’s fingertips. Your counsel
has been highly effective in resolving
issues efficiently and amicably. Dr. Segal is
always available to help and answer
questions. Your company provides a
service that is essential!”

V. Koplow, Admin, Steven Teitelbaum M.D.


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