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Before and After Photos. Do You Own Them? Or Not?

Many aesthetic surgeons and dentists use before and after photos on their web site to market their practices. They are demonstrating to the public at large what they can reasonably expect if they select their practice. They are more than just plain vanilla images....

Nursing Home Sues Law Firm Over Ads

A friend and colleague, Doug Wojcieszak, recently posted an article on his blog, Sorry Works, about responding to criticism in health care.  Actually, it was more than just criticism. A law firm ran ads soliciting plaintiffs against a nursing home. The nursing home...

Who’s Your Daddy?

I may not be clairvoyant. But I know one family that will receive a gigantic check soon. A 29-year-old woman had been in a persistent vegetative state for about ten years. She was involved in a near drowning incident. Unbeknownst to the staff at Hacienda Healthcare, a...

Some Attorneys Behave Like Jerks

Yes, I know. The sun rises in the east. Sets in the west. And 2+2=4. Most of the time, when an attorney requests a copy of medical records for something like a personal injury case, auto accident, worker’s comp, they are professional, courteous, and offer to pay you...