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Not All Threats Patients Make Are Equal

Patients may be unhappy with their doctor for a variety of reasons. Dialogue solves most of them. But, sometimes this angst escalates. It culminates in a threat. All threats are not equal in the eyes of the law. A common threat is “Give me my money back and I will not...

Looking for Deep Pockets

Ebola is making a comeback in Africa. Fortunately, the World Health Organization is on top of it. Further, vaccines are being distributed. Hopefully these vaccines will prove safe and efficacious. Which brings me to Coming Attractions Bride and Formal in Ohio. “Coming...

Ambulance Chasers on Mobile Phones

When you vote, supporters for a candidate carrying leaflets and signs have to stay outside of some defined perimeter. You’re not supposed to be pestered as you walk into the voting booth. And, there are billboards of personal injury attorneys not too far from...

Pesky Little Details in Brain Death Determination

We have previously written about medico-legal challenges related to brain death determination.   The American Academy of Neurology updated its guidelines in 2010 to create more uniform determination. Its checklist is as below.   There’s a checklist related to systemic...